Teens Cause $70K In Damage at a #MansionParty

You think your parties are well attended? I hear one teen’s house party drew about 2,000 guests… and $70,000 in damage!

On Friday night, police in Ontario broke up a huge gathering held at a 5,000 sq. foot home that was still under construction. A 17-year-old threw the party after his parents told him he could have some friends over. But “some” turned into thousands when word of the get-together spread like wildfire on Twitter with the hashtag #MansionParty.

The party was halted when cops came around 9:30 pm and started arresting some of the revelers for under-age drinking. Witnesses say the place was completely trashed and the teens were lucky the stairs and balconies didn’t collapse under all of their weight!


Totally crazy right? What’s the most insane house party you’ve ever been to, loves? Share in the comments below. XOXO

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  1. Pepper Said:

    When my mother was a teen, back in the 80s, her friend threw a party, and invited seven people, tragically one of those people was what is referred to in the medical practice as a ‘colossal bitch’ and photo coppied the invite before pinning it to multiple notice boards at the local University. The party was so flooded they knocked down one of walls in the house.

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