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When Gossip Girl ended, another lucky group of people got to have costume designer Eric Daman. The cast of The Carrie Diaries recently sat down with us and talked about their experiences with the iconic fashion man… and the consensus? “He’s amazing,” Ellen Wong who plays Jill “Mouse” Thompson said. “He just has this way of being able to put together things. I’ll walk into a wardrobe fitting and on my rack, I’ll see all of these clothes and he’ll just start picking and choosing. His artistic vision is amazing.”

Katie Findlay, who plays Maggie Landers, agreed. “I just learned that he’s a freakish genius and I just put myself in his hands and I want everything that he wears at all times,” she said, also admitting that she dresses up to go to fittings because he’s always so put together! “He’s my favorite human!”

But there might be competition for the biggest Eric fan on set. “I think I was probably his biggest fan before I got here,” Chloe Bridges (Donna LaDonna) said. “I was one of those people in high school who watched Gossip Girl to see what they were wearing.”

Austin Butler, who plays the gorgeous bad boy heartthrob Sebastian Kydd, said that Eric has shown him the way when it comes to dress for the cold weather (coming from LA, the NYC winter is hard to adjust to!) “He’s pointed me in the right direction in which coats to get. He’s the most fashionable person I know.”

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