The Evolution of Dan Humphrey’s Hair

It may seem like the Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgely) hair debacle has been done to death, but let’s face it kiddies, everybody loves a good train wreck. In honor of Gossip Girl‘s impending end, let’s take a look at the ever-growing hair of one Dan Humphrey. (Who knew the best and worst barbers were in Brooklyn?)

Check out this gallery of Lonely Boy’s evolution of hairdos since the beginning of the series! Let us know which hairstyle you think fits our favorite tortured writer best.

Pre-Pilot Promos

Before the show began, Dan had this buzzed hair look. Not saying it's his best, but don't you prefer the very short to the dirty and long?

Photo Credit: The CW

Season 1 - "Poison Ivy"

Remember the good old days when Dan seemed to be able to find a decent barber shop?

Photo Credit: The CW

Season 4 - "A Touch of Eva"

Check out those sideburns!

Photo Credit: The CW

Season 5 - "It Girl Interupted"

The Beatles went through a long hair phase too. Think Lonely Boy can pull it off like them?

Photo Credit: The CW

Season 6 - "High Infidelity"

One of Dan's most recent hairstyles may be an homage to his tortured artist persona, but perhaps it's time this writer make some cuts.

Photo Credit: The CW


  1. PrincessN94 Said:

    I really loved his hair cut in season 1 “Poison Ivy”, it looked really good. <3

  2. emmarb13 Said:

    I think his hair looks best in season 2. It was horrible at the end though.

  3. Avidsummerggviewer Said:

    From worst to best, it’s
    4, 5, 1, 2, 3.
    In season 5 it was just difficult to see. Season six it got slightly better but I’ve always preferred dans hair short. But honestly I wanted to stop watching season 5 because of his atrocious hair.

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