The Kardashian’s DASH Boutique Tanking in The Hamptons

As a frequenter of the Hamptons, I can tell you firsthand that the Kardashian sisters opening a pop-up version of their boutique DASH has gone over about as well as a Wal-Mart. And it seems that the other residents agree. A little bird told me that sales at the boutique are almost non existent because locals find the place “tacky and vulgar” and would rather wear last season’s romper than shop at DASH.

Kardashians Generation NXT Charity Benefit

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Even more embarrassing? The people who do go into DASH…

“The only people who enter the store are giggling New Jersey wannabes who flood the town on weekends trying to hunt down the Kardashians,” sniped a Southamptonite. “The  girls dress just like Kim, they arrive in tight dresses, high heels and extensions–but they don’t buy anything either.”

Probably because they can’t afford to. One breezy beach coverup retails for $518–not really in the budget of a guidette.

So while Kim, Kourt and Khlo have pimped the store on social media, the result is still crickets leading me to believe/hope that they won’t make a penny.


  1. Vera Ellen Rich Said:

    Moral of this story: “If you doesn’t like the store, don’t go in it.” Spreading malicious gossip and negativity does not reflect well upon yourself (or anyone else). Further, “when much is given unto you, much is expected”- which simply means, if you have been give wealth or security in your life, be grateful and give your time and talents to someone less fortunate than you – a better use of your time than slander.

  2. Vera Ellen Rich Said:

    Apologies- it should be “If you don’t like the store, don’t go into it.”

  3. Chandra Said:

    when will the Kraptrashians realize that the majority of America’s sick of these scabs

  4. Mica Brown Said:

    Money can’t buy you class!

  5. Maureen Said:

    Money can buy you lots of plastic surgeries :)

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