WTF Alert: Celeb Plastic Surgery Clones Make World’s Worst Music Video

Sometimes you just need a good pick-me-up to remember that your life is so much better than other people’s. And today, I found quite the gem for that….

Remember that guy who spent $100K on plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber? Well, he teamed up with the girl who spent $25K to look like Jennifer Lawrence, along with a drag queen who attempted to look like Madonna, and the three of them formed a music group called “The Plastics.” Darlings, it’s worse than any video that Paris Hilton has ever done AND “Bound 2″ combined. And to be honest, I could only get through about a minute of it before going cray, so watch at your own risk:

I know what you must be thinking, loyal minions: “Why would she introduce this horribleness to us?” And the answer, my dear Upper East Siders, is this: Sometimes you might be jealous of a celebrity’s looks or life, but being someone you’re not will only make you look desperate and pathetic. And if you ever EVER start thinking that maybe it would be fun to get plastic surgery to look like a celeb and make a totally embarrassing video that even your grand-kids will make fun of, just DON’T. XOXO

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  1. Jenny Said:

    He kinda looks like Bruce Jenner.

  2. Kimberley Said:

    WTF DID I JUST WATCH? They don’t even look like the celebs they wanted to look like. In my opinion people who get plastic sugary done on there face to simply look good come out looking worse then what they did before.

  3. Blablabla Said:

    What.the.fuck is wrong with these people!!!!!!!!

  4. Milena Said:

    I’m sorry. But they don’t look like who they say want to look like.

  5. tasha Said:

    The message they are trying to send is disgusting they are pathetic -_- seriously these kind of idiots need to stop getting promoted ugh

  6. gale Said:

    These are real people with feelings. It may not be something I would listen to, but respect them for putting in the effort. What have YOU done lately? I would say nothing, or you would be too busy to be knocking other people down online.

  7. RalucaAnna Said:

    JESUS, this weirdos are menthaly ill!

  8. Claire Said:

    they should learn to be comfortable in their OWN skin not looking like another person. ugh. Jesus Christ this is the world we live in now…

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