The Weird Party Favor Guests Received at Jessica Simpson’s Baby Shower

Baby cupcakes to go. Photo booth pics featuring those stupid mustache sticks. “I went to Jessica Simpson‘s 2nd baby shower” bumper stickers. ANYTHING would have been better than what guests actually received at Jess’s big event to celebrate the upcoming arrival of her new boy: condoms!

That’s right. I hear that guests walked away from a shower celebrating babies with something that prevents babies from happening (fyi- this second pregnancy was a surprise for JS). You all know how I feel about rugrats in general, so yes, I find the humor in it, however I think it’s still super tacky.

Also off-putting? I’ve never been to a baby shower thrown by the mom-to-be, but Jessica took it upon herself to host it. Are you as turned off as I am about this or do you think it was nice of her not to make her friends spend the time or money? After all she’s got enough of both…. XOXO



  1. AMY Said:

    EXTREMELY tacky and almost unheard of to host your own shower. And condoms aren’t really that tacky, just kinda dumb.

  2. alana Said:

    Oh god… I see nothing wrong with any of it. people have way too much time on their hands. She’s a uber rich celebrity…. they don’t have baby showers in the traditional way. it was just a party celebrating her new baby… not a ‘im throwing myself a shower cause i want presents and no one’s giving em to me’. calm down people.

  3. TSFF Said:

    Who cares? As long as she likes it and has fun with it, it’s no big deal. I honestly don’t know why you care….

  4. Prilly Said:

    Dear TSFF,
    I honestly don’t know why u’re here…

  5. Sandie Said:

    People, please find something else to complain about
    I see nothing wrong in anything she did, I think its rather funny and I hope everyone had a great time.

  6. Sahara Said:

    Pregnancy is difficult & the hormones are all over the place so why not have fun w/a party? It’s celebrating her baby & she’s rich so she doesn’t need gifts. The condom gift was rather cool b/c whenever 1 woman gets pregnant, it’s as if something put something in the water or air b/c several more get pregnant! I’m 1 out of 15 cousins born within 2mons to a yr of each other & my sibling is 1 out of about 9 in same age group; my girls timing was same even 10yrs apart & my BFF’s boys r 9yrs apart!

  7. Sahara Said:

    One more thing, I feel as if pregnant women should get a pass on many things done while pregnant b/c the hormones keep you bouncing off the walls happy one mine, afraid another, and in tears the next. If having a party to celebrate her new baby makes this mom-to-be happy, MORE POWER TO HER! Nobody is perfect all the time & that’s a good thing b/c some of the greatest experiences in life occur when you go off script & just live while making you & others around you as happy as you are.

  8. Kaye Said:

    the condoms are tacky but I’m not mad at the girl for trowing her own shower. She has the $, so let her do it!!!!

  9. Alffeda Calbert Said:

    Maybe she was reminding people we are still in an AIDS/STD crisis or maybe it was a joke.

  10. Alishea Said:

    Good for her! I think it’s great she hosted her own shower. People are busy and I would imgaine in her circle of friends they are all busy too. Its not fair to expect things from people If you want it, do it. Sounds like next time she has a party, she should revisit her guest list. I think it’s more tacky to complain or judge a person. Its all in fun. Seriously, people. Sometimes you just need to relax and not read into every little thing.

  11. dalbax2 Said:

    Sorry….but you can’t expect a classy affair from someone who is trash.

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