Miley Cyrus’ Parents File for Divorce

The beauty of relationships is that if you find your significant other is not the person you want to be with, you can always turn around and try again. Looks like Miley Cyrus’ parents have done this more than once. But this time, I think it’s for good.

As you’ll recall, patriarch Billy Ray Cyrus filed for divorce from Tish three years ago, but decided to give it one more try. Apparently things didn’t go as planned because now the tables have turned and Tish has filed for divorce. My friends over at TMZ got their hands on the papers, and we can see that she cited “irreconcilable differences.” In case you’re unfamiliar with divorce cases, that’s classic legal speak for “I hate his guts.”

But guys, let’s face it: Miley’s mom is hot. She’s in her prime cougar stage. If she was going to be single, there’s never a better time to live it up then now. Don’t you agree?

Billy Ray, Tish and Miley Cyrus


  1. Alice Said:

    she’s way hotter than miley and even looks younger… i’d feel ashamed =/

  2. lauren Said:

    Her mum aint a hotly… just skinny and tanned… thats it.. billy ray cyrus deserves someone with A. personality and B. a nice face

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