The Top 5 Most Evil Georgina Sparks Moments

We’re looking back on Georgina Sparks‘ most evil moments on Gossip Girl so far. Check out the trouble that Georgina, played by Michelle Trachtenberg, has stirred up as one of the most infamous recurring character guests on the show!

SAT Failure

The night before Serena goes to take her SATs, Georgina drugs her Diet Coke. Serena wakes up the next morning in Georgina's apartment, and ends up missing the test.

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I Don't

Georgina crashes Lily and Rufus' wedding and says that Scott (whom she invites) is their lovechild. She also stole a piece of wedding cake.

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Passed On

It was revealed that the reason why Serena left for boarding school was because she went to join Georgina and a boy named Pete Fairman at a hotel.There was secretly a video camera in the room to tape him and Serena having sex. Serena didn't want to do it, so she instead passed Pete a line of cocaine which he ultimately overdosed on. Georgina made Serena flee the hotel before paramedics came, and Pete was carried away dead.

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Baby's Daddy

Georgina surprises Dan and tells him she's pregnant with his baby. He goes on to believe it's his until they finally get a DNA test.

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Worst in Show

Blair revealed that Georgina was supposed to be at an equestrian circuit but sold her show pony for cocaine.

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  1. blairchucklove Said:

    georgina is the most evil person in gossip girl! even meaner than a really bad blair waldorf or chuck bass! okey she is not meaner than chuck bass but she is almost the same as chuck!

  2. Yasmeen Said:

    the bitch !

  3. Daniela Said:

    is a whore! We hate her!

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