Top 5 Meanest Gossip Girl Moments

Throughout all of the seasons of Gossip Girl, there’s been strife between the Upper East Siders over who’s really the Queen B. Lest Blair or Serena, or even Jenny, Vanessa or Georgina forget, however, we want to remind everyone that one person literally runs that show, and the entire social scene of New York–Gossip Girl (and now we officially know who it is). As if there weren’t enough problems or enough tension created by the other characters, Gossip Girl adds more drama still to the mix with the muckraking and mean blog posts.

Here are our top five drama-causing moments orchestrated by Gossip Girl. Think we forgot any, or want to give any input as to what the worst drama the blog caused? Drop us a comment and let us know.

Happy Graduation?

After all the drama the Upper East Siders went through in high school, they were more than happy to leave it behind after graduation. Gossip Girl, however, wasn't exactly okay with that idea, posting the following on the blog: "Not so fast. You're not graduating until I give you my diplomas. Mine are labels, and labels stick. Nate Archibald: Class Whore, Dan Humphrey: The Ultimate Insider, Chuck Bass: Coward, Blair Waldorf: Weakling, And as for Serena Van Der Woodsen, after today, you are officially irrelevant." Ouch. No matter how rich or beautiful they may be, Gossip Girl reminded everyone else with this post exactly who held all the power.

Just a Friendly Hug?

What's that saying about the faster you rise...? Oh, right, "Here's an inside tip, Little J: The faster you rise, the harder you fall. Hope that Hello Kitty sleeping bag doubles as a parachute." When Gossip Girl said this way back in Season 1, none of us knew that she would be helping so greatly in making Jenny fall, but she did, starting with one little rumor. Remember the picture above? Nate and Jenny are just sharing a hug--but that's not what Gossip Girl implied! True, she didn't call her out by name, but she put Little J in a very sticky situation for a while. Helping the Queen B's boyfriend cheat on her isn't the best move if you want to be popular.

Caught on Camera!

Remember Season 2 Nate--homeless, fatherless, recently girlfriend-less? Well, he had one saving grace in Dan Humphrey, who offered for Nate to live with him and his family, including Jenny. Jenny and Nate tried to fight their attraction but ended up kissing publicly. Big mistake, Nate. Like Blair, you'd think he'd have realized that Gossip Girl has eyes everywhere, but apparently not. When the news got out, Dan played the overprotective older brother card and kicked him out, leaving him once again with nowhere to go. You'd think Gossip Girl would go easier on him, considering the situation he was in, but this event was just another reminder that no matter your money or social status, on the Upper East Side, Gossip Girl holds all the power.

Runaway Bride

No wonder Blair's running--we would be too if our hidden love for someone else was revealed at our wedding. Gossip Girl (aka Georgina Sparks after she had taken over the website for a short time), blasting a video confession of Blair's love for Chuck with her groom standing right there? Tsk, tsk. Then again, Blair should have known better--did she really think Gossip Girl wouldn't find out?

Dear Diary...

After the fiasco at her wedding, you'd think Blair would know better than to assume she could keep any secrets from Gossip Girl, which is why it's no surprise that if Blair had a diary, Gossip Girl would leak it. The real shock was Serena's involvement in the scandal. Really, B, with friends like yours, who needs enemies?


  1. georgeevan Said:

    hot mess!

  2. AlinaInNY Said:

    A is definitely meaner. Gossip Girl just embarrasses them, but A tries to KILL the Liars.

  3. MinaVuletic Said:

    still Gossip Girl the best series ever,better than stupid PLL ;)

  4. Nunu101 Said:

    Gossip Girl fosho! A is a killer Gossip Girl just makes every moment more tense

  5. roofmeowmoo Said:

    gossip girl is high school bitchy, whereas -A is deadly serious and doesn’t liked to be messed with. You could manipulate GG more than -A so -A is definately meaner!

  6. teresakur101 Said:

    Prettily Little Liars: I don’t even bother watching the commercials, very much the show. Lying gossiping killers, against Dramatic gossiping teens and adults. See a difference?
    -xoxo Teresakur101

  7. sexyshen Said:

    lol those are truely the best of all time gossip girl blasts…….xoxo you know we love gossip gurl

  8. d3 gold Said:

    I have been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thanks , Iˇll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your site?

  9. Edith Said:

    Gossip Girl is reality, A is a mureder.

  10. Mimmi Said:

    i think that the meanest blast was B.W:s dairy books… But SWDW was the problem there. She dicded to stick working to Gossip Girl. Everybody makes misstakes, but this was the worst. XOXO GOSSIP GIRL.

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