Are Trace Cyrus and Brenda Song Back Together?

Spotted: Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus reunited on a date that consisted of going to 7 Eleven at 1 AM for snacks and a movie rental (wait– do people actually still rent movies?). All of this just screams romance, doesn’t it?

The two broke off their engagement in June of last year but I guess Brenda just couldn’t be apart from her overly-tattooed man anymore. Just last week she was psyching herself up for the reunion by tweeting a series of inspirational quotes:

Brenda Song tweets

Are you happy to see Miley’s big bro back with the former Suite Life star, or have they always seemed like a mis-matched pair to you (i.e., she’s so much hotter than him)? Tell me in a comment below!

Trace Cyrus and Brenda Song


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  1. Gossip Girl Said:

    To all those who don’t know what this is, an on and off couple made a booty call late at night and decided to make there dreams come true. To cover it up the meet up at a cheap store to buy some “groceries”. We all know what will happen when the lights go out. Brenda we thought you were a good girl and Trace well your a hollywood pimp. I hope you have a great one night stand considering Brenda was spotted with a mystery man out side of the elite 21. You know you love me, XOXO
    Gossip Girl

  2. asjdsas Said:

    Um, this is the worst couple ever. just sayiiinnn

  3. Irsalina Said:

    Well I hear the rumor about Miley dating Justin Bieber. Is that true?

  4. -A Said:

    Not all rumors are true. -A
    They are not cute together.

  5. Jimmy Fernandez Said:

    Looks like London Tipton isn’t such a goodie good girl. Rebelism is always the best remedy when it comes down to love. Afterall, no one can resist a sexy man in tattooes. Best of luck Brenda, we’ll be watching.

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