Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson’s PDA-Filled Premiere

Vanessa Hudgens might be a great actress…but not when it comes to hiding her new romance with Josh Hutcherson. The pair got lippy at the premiere of her new flick Suckerpunch, with J planting a kiss on V the first time she appeared on screen. Is it time these two came out of the couple closet or should V keep it under wraps for poor Zefron’s sake?

Photograph by Splash News


  1. leigh Said:


  2. Iman Said:

    Vanessa and Zac should really think about gettin back together. They are a match made in heaven, a cute and sexy couple.. Zac is hot and this guy not so much.. I think its just a rebound relationship.. GET BACK WITH ZAC, VANESSA!!!!!!! Love you

  3. avo.t Said:

    i’m glad she’s moving on from that imature wanna be reality star. he’s so fugly and immature, she has to move on and see how it is to be in a REAL relationship! well done Vanessa! thanx for dumping that bag

  4. K$ Said:

    I’m so happy for Vanessa. She’s moving on with her life and letting go of the baggage that came with her and Zac Efron. But really? Josh Hutchinson? She should go for Taylor Lautner ;)

  5. Anitra Said:

    Geez, that’s unlibeevable. Kudos and such.

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