Fashion Faceoff: Vanessa Hudgens vs. Ashley Greene in Bali

Spotted: Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene rocking retro looks at an Oakley event in Bali, Indonesia, practically begging for a fashion faceoff.


Ash opted for a mod-style yellow dress while Baby V donned her typical (and tragic) boho look, which hasn’t been cool since 2005.

But even despite V’s bulky, unflattering pantsuit, I still can’t declare Ashley to be a style star by comparison. While the color may be vibrant, the fabric looks thick and wintery and the overall look is in desperate need of a statement necklace or belt–anything to break up the monochromatic dullness of the dress. And don’t even get me started on both of their shoes….

Which outfit would you most like to wear IRL? Or do both actresses get a big fat fail for their latest looks?


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  1. Fatima Sheikh Said:


  2. Brittany Said:

    I think both stars could use another look in the mirror, but if I had to go with who was LESS tragic, then I would choose Vanessa. At least we can kind of see a shape on her, unlike Ash’s rectangle monstrosity.

  3. Abigail couture Said:

    V all the way

  4. Caroline Said:

    Big fail for both.

  5. Nicole Said:

    At least Vanessa has some sort of figure and youthfulness to her look. Ashley just looks fat and old which no one should aim for. I actually like the romper on V, just not the shoes.

  6. Lauren Said:

    WHO CARES!!! Its Bali, they can wear whatever they want! I don’t see the point of judging them for what they are wearing. How superficial!! You should all be ashamed of yourselves, picking on them for “looking fat” and “tragic”. Looked in the mirror lately???

  7. Star Said:

    I think if they switched it would be better for both.

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