Hot Mess: Vanessa Hudgens

Spotted: Vanessa Hudgens on her way to a vampire convention in New Orleans shopping spree in LA wearing…this: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PIC!

Oh V, V, V, V….this is a perfectly suitable look if you’re conducting a seance to scare up the ghost of Jim Morrison, but springtime? In California? No child. The saddest part is how hard V seems to be trying to distance herself from her supposed squeaky-clean Disney image.

What she doesn’t seem to get is, um, hello, everyone else has already forgotten about her High School Musical past. Those naked cell phone pics that hit the Internet a few years ago did a pretty good job of destroying her good-girl persona.

So V, you needn’t try so hard to be “edgy” and “different.” Just be you. Unless of course this look is you. Then be Olivia Palermo.

You know you love me…XOXO.



  1. Alexandra Grizinski Said:

    Maybe that’s just what she wants to wear. I’m not a fan of her or High School Musical, but I don’t think her fashion choices seem all that inauthentic.

  2. Nikki Said:

    Normally I really hate her current style, but this isn’t th├át awful. I’ve seen worse on her.

  3. pris Said:

    I agree with Alexandra. Besides, I think she can pull of this kind of look pretty well !

  4. Giliana Said:

    I like that look, it looks individual and i think stars wear clothes they like, not just to prove they’re not ‘disney’ anymore… ridiculous…

  5. sass Said:

    She looks like a reject hippie gone bad.

  6. Brii Said:

    It’s a little over the top, however, I wouldn’t say it’s a “hot mess” by any means. I don’t think the ornate fringe robe works with such a statement dress. There should be a better balance there, but just because little miss perfect Palermo wouldn’t wear it doesn’t mean it’s unfashionable. It’s like a soft grunge/neohippie look, which, if you haven’t noticed, is on trend.

  7. Tai Said:

    Lose the green shawl cape and it would look really cute! :-)

  8. Anonymous Said:


  9. girl next door Said:

    I like the outfit I hate the shoes and hwo shirt the dress is inside and for god sake she is going shopping looking like tht. I think she wants a discount on everything there (NEEDS FASHION ADVICE)

  10. Tiarna Said:

    Honestly GG, I think Vanessa is just that person that you personally don’t like and everything they do just irritates you. She’s not even remotely as bad as you are constantly making out to be! I really love this outfit! Don’t think it looks vampy at all.

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