First Look: Vanessa Hudgen’s Gritty New Movie, Gimme Shelter

Do you hear that, darlings? It’s the sound of Vanessa Hudgens killing off her High School Musical character once and for all with her new role as Agnes “Apple” Bailey, a pregnant homeless teen in Gimmie Shelter.

The film, which probably won’t make the “Feel Good Movies of the Year” list, pits Baby V against her rich bitch daddy (Brendan Fraser) and terrifying drug addict mother (Rosario Dawson), who has clearly lost the war against gingivitis. In the end though, she finds a modicum of happiness at a shelter for similarly knocked-up teen girls.

So, if your day has been a little too cheery and you need a bit of a downer, by all means, click play:

I’m not usually a fan of watching films about people with drug issues, hoodies or bad teeth, but I just may buy out the Ziegfeld and check this out with my minions come January 24 when it hits theaters. Although, I’m not sure I can stand two hours of that god-awful haircut or her without even a shred of blush and lip gloss. Quelle horreur! 

Overall though, I think this movie is a step in the right direction for Vanessa, who has become more known for her Coachella appearances in recent years than for her acting chops. Do you think this film will put her back on Hollywood’s radar? Or is she destined to life on the D list no matter what?


  1. Beky secret Said:

    I love her

  2. Angela Said:

    Oh yeah, like it’s a true story. If it is, they probably made it a little more sappy so everyone has pity for the main character.

  3. Marnie Said:

    You know some people actually have it hard and have to go through those things and it’s not fun. You have no empathy

  4. Josie Said:

    How do you know all that Angela? Don’t right something if you don’t exactly know the whole story.

  5. Josie Said:

    Write something*

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