Scene & Heard: Vanessa Hudgens Would Rather Kiss a Girl Than a Guy

When it comes to kissing, Vanessa Hudgens totes prefers ladies over gents — at least that’s what she’s saying in a teaser trailer for an upcoming episode of Inner Circle on E! Zac Efron‘s former flame told her High School Musical co-star Ashley Tisdale that she would rather kiss a girl than a guy.

I guess if I had a taste of perfection like she did during the Zanessa days, I too would never be satisfied by another guy…

Check out the promo clip below and watch the episode on Thursday at 10 pm ET to see what else comes out of Baby V’s mouth. XOXO



  1. Sara Hart Said:

    Um….. a few questions Vanessa, why girl over guy? Something wrong with guys? Do you like girls now? Do you like both? Did you always like girls as well if you did? xoxo

  2. Ruby Said:

    Breaking news: A girl prefers kissing girls!!

  3. Hershey99 Said:


  4. BV Said:

    I’ll kiss her if she wants.

  5. AMY Said:

    She should have tried hard to stay with Zac. He is SO hot!! And really grown into a beautiful man. I’d kiss him over most dudes, and NO chicks, eyuck.

  6. Scarlett Said:

    And because it was going to feel bad? if, he’s a girl! LOL

  7. Tiffany Said:

    She’s probably talking about her Spring Breakers 3some, where she felt more comfortable with Ash then with James.

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