Love or Loathe: Vanessa Hudgens’ Multi-Ombre Hair

Vanessa Hudgens can’t seem to decide if she wants to be a pop star or an actress, so it makes sense that she can’t decide on a hair color either. I was ULTA’s “Donate With A Kiss” event last night here in Manhattan and I kept peering at Baby V’s hair to see what exactly what was going on…

vanessa hudgens


I really do want to hate this look–ombre is out, darlings–but I rather like the multi-colors woven throughout her lush locks. The red middle section blends nicely into the brunette, but I just wish her blonde tones were less orange and more ashen.

How do you feel about V’s style? Should she have picked one color or do you kind of like this triple play?


  1. Nessaur Said:

    I just don’t get how can you hate anything about her? She’s the most beautiful person I ever seen and her hair is just a gorgeus as her! I adore Vanessa, and I support everything she does with her hair, style, and career, so I don’t have anything against her hairstyle! Love you Vanessa! ;) <3 XOXO

  2. Estelle Said:

    i love anything she does

  3. Hannah Said:

    I love the ombre hair style. Gossip Girl, ombre is always in so shut up and stop saying “ombre is out” because it never will be

  4. Lila Said:

    EWWWWWW. this is totally horrid and Hannah ombre IS out jus becz u like it does not mean its every gona come back in obvi you have terrible fashion sense. xoxo

  5. Sarah-Luna Said:

    I think she’s owning that look, and ombre is staying (:

  6. Diamond Said:

    She got the look and personality to carry it.

  7. Ohhcarol Said:

    I dunno but it looks good on her. And besides, she’s amazing and gorgeous. :)

  8. Isabelle Said:

    This looks gorgeous, although you’re right with the blonde. And ombré is so not out.

  9. Cassie Said:

    You people are pathetic. Your fashion is depicted by what others tell you is in or out. Dye your hair however the fuck you want.

  10. Ruby Said:

    To those who are saying “ombre is out” there is no pride following sheep around.

  11. MJ Said:

    Definitely LOVE!!! :)

  12. Inger-Maren Said:

    I’m not a big fan of Hudgens, so I really want to hate this look, but I actually like it, kind of…

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