Vanessa Hudgens’ Awkward Moment on the Spring Breakers Set

Today, I was reminded why I stay as far away as possible from Florida during Spring Break. Vanessa Hudgens revealed one of the most awkward moments on the set of her new film Spring Breakers, and it’s not pretty:

“We were filming this party scene, and there were these two girls — actual spring breakers — on the ground, topless, making out with each other. And then the bottoms started to come off, and I was like, OH MY GOD!

And, literally, you see it in the movie, I’m wearing this, like, candy necklace, and I’m like, Ahhh, and freaking out because these girls are naked, two feet away from me, and they were just insane.”

Absolutely revolting, darlings… Will you be seeing the movie? Have you ever experienced a Spring Break quite like that? If yes (to either question), I am so very very sorry.

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Photo credit: Splash News


  1. lindsaycota19 Said:

    Gross <3 L

  2. Tiiff Said:

    Am I the only one who noticed that V has body fat now?

  3. xxbarbiebitchxx Said:

    I can’t wait for the movie!
    And yeah, on this pic it seams like she has some body fat…

  4. Brittany Said:

    Honestly who the fuck cares if she has body fat? She’s a human being. Do you not have any body fat? Before you start pointing fingers make sure your own hands are clean. The female body is beautiful, no matter how large or small. Grow up.

  5. Kiana Said:

    Wtf is wrong with u? So what if she has a lil body fat? Everyone has body fat. They all look great just the way they are. Everyone is not meant to be a freaking toothpick. Ya must think everything gotta be “perfect”. Everything ain’t “perfect”.

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