Hot Mess: Vanessa Hudgens

Remember once upon a time when Vanessa Hudgens had the world on a string–an Efron in her bed, a closet full of couture and a promising career? Well those days seem to be long gone, at least the couture part.

I spied her at last night’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show┬áin this cheap-looking leopard jacket, awkward thigh-highs and boots and whatever else she’s wearing under all those hobo-esque layers.

If I were her stylist (and V please consider that as an option, I can help) I would have nixed the coat and shoes and instead pair this sweater dress with sleek booties or suede heels.

Are you still holding out hope that Vanessa will return to her stylish self? Or is Baby V’s red carpet poise long gone?

vanessa hudgens



  1. ggada Said:

    wtf is this?!

  2. Faih208 Said:

    People have some serious problems out there…!Where all the good taste in clothes go??!She REALLY needs to change her stylist!IMMEDIATELY!!!

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