Victoria Justice Dumps Ryan Rottman–And Rebounds With Pierson Fode!

Things happen fast in Hollywood, darlings. One day you’re hot, the next you can’t even get a slot on Dancing With The Stars, and that goes double for the boyfriends of our favorite young It Girls. I hear that Victoria Justice has ditched boyfriend Ryan Rottman, who she’s been dating since 2011, and kept it oh so hush-hush…and cliche:

“It happened a while ago,” says Victoria’s pal. “They are at different points in their life and both had been traveling. They’ve both moved on.”

ryan rottman


Ah yes just another “no hard feelings” break up, right? Don’t worry, I have my minions digging deep to get a little more dirt on this split, but for now, Vic seems to have her mind on other things, namely her hunky new hottie, Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List co-star, Pierson Fode:

I spotted these two at a viewing party for Beyonce’s concert (where one goes to dance to Queen Bey when they’re not A-list enough to get a sky box at the Staples center, a la moi) and 20-year-old V seemed anything but brokenhearted over 29-year-old Ryan. In fact, she and Pierson were flaunting some next-level PDA, dancing and kissing from “Halo” to “All The Single Ladies.”

victoria justice pierson fode


So just who is this tall, not-so-dark and handsome gent? Apparently he’s an unknown actor who seems to spend most of his time fluffing up his (clearly self-written) IMDB bio–click here to see P’s mile-long love letter to himself which oddly doesn’t include his age.

So what say you, darlings? Is Pierson a seriously sexy upgrade from Ryan? Or is Pierson just trying to grab a hold of V’s rising star?


  1. ohlala Said:

    Victoria Justice dumps WHO? by the way, i thought that after her shitty tv show she was over, you know, some kind of drugs or that stuff that happens to former disney stars.

  2. Cinna Said:

    Wow, that was one of the dumbest comment ever.
    I know that freedom of expression exists. But please, stop hating and waisting your time especially when the purpose is to publish that kind of SHIT.
    Thank you.

    Hot new boyfriend btw ^^.

  3. Mmm Said:

    Hahaha the bio is so over-the-top! Nice one, GG :)

  4. Harley Said:

    Aw I love Pierson and they look cute together. He’s very sweet and funny. If they are dating I wish them nothing but happiness.

  5. Tiffany Said:

    His IMDB bio kills me.

  6. Tiffany Said:

    I also love how he misspelled “Indigenous” in his bio.

  7. try Said:

    al i say is OOooooooooh.

  8. Annie Said:

    never knew she was dating anyone and i have no idea who any of those two guys are, ohlala, fyi you make yourself look stupid, she isn’t a disney star and dont be jealous. She’s made it for herself and i watched the show with my then 6 year old, not a bad show at all. you must just have that shitty of a life.

  9. cody Said:

    Its point less bc when I go to the nba I’m gonna marry vic so shel be mine so arguw if yal want but I’m gonna get her

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