Video: Miley Cyrus’ Surprise Bachelorette Party on Ellen

I strongly doubt that Miley Cyrus needs help in the “getting wild” department, but still, Ellen DeGeneres took it upon herself to hire a few male strippers and throw bride-to-be Miley an impromptu bachelorette party during MC’s appearance on her show:

Something tells me that if and when Miley’s betrothed, Liam Hemsworth, stops by Ellen’s show he won’t be confronted with a face full of stripper cleavage, n’est ce pas, darlings?

Do you think Ellen jumped the gun on MC’s celebration? Will Miley even make it down the aisle or will Liam’s wandering eye and Miley’s party penchant doom their marriage before it even begins?


  1. ggada Said:

    oh SHE doesn’t need more crazy things happening to her she is to wild already..

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