Was Blake Lively a Diva on the Gossip Girl Set?

Blake Lively Photo ShootAs all Upper East Siders know, there’s no such thing as keeping a secret. So of course when a Gossip Girl actor is asked about divas on set, he’s going to spill. And that’s exactly what Aaron Tveit did during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.” The Graceland actor played Nate Archibald’s cousin Trip Vanderbilt on GG, but revealed that Blake Lively didn’t make things easy.

Turns out she ruined his birthday on set because it took her three hours to come out of her trailer that day. “So, if Blake’s watching,” he said. “I want you to think that I remember that, and you were cool, but that wasn’t very nice.”

I’m not totally shocked by this story, but I’m not disappointed in Blake either. Sometimes a pretty girl has the right to pull the diva card — what do you think I’ve been doing this whole time? XOXO

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  1. Sreya Roy Said:

    I don’t believe him, Blake is a sweetheart n she isn’t the kind of a person who would intentionally ruin someones birthday. Infact speaking of “not very nice”, I don’t think its “very nice” of him either to come n speak about someone like that in PUBLIC. She is a big star n a genuinely nice person from heart, show some respect dude.

  2. anna Said:

    Think this has been blown a bit out of proportion, I’m pretty sure he’s joking. Aaron Tveit wouldn’t slag someone off in an interview and he’s spoken about how Blake’s been to watch him on Broadway etc… Sounds like they got on to me.

  3. InevitableChair Said:


  4. ruffles Said:

    Why would that ruin his birthday? He expected a cake?

  5. Erika Said:

    …maybe he was into her and she rejected him…

  6. javixoxo Said:

    Oh! pleaseeee! How could THAT ruin his birthday?!?
    Poor baby… do you wanna cry?

  7. David Said:

    oh fuck , its not that that stupid thing make blake a diva … does none here really know what a diva is?

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