Was Naya Rivera Fired From Glee?

Don’t mess with the Queen Bee, Gleeks. I hear that Naya Rivera’s on-going feud with Glee star Lea Michele has gotten so bad that producers wrote Naya out of the upcoming season finale! Multiple sources are confirming that Naya won’t make an appearance in the May 13 episode, titled “The Rachel Berry Project,” and may not even return for season six of the hit series.

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“Naya is jealous that Lea is the show’s main star. There is a lot of sighing and eye-rolling between them. They talk behind each other’s backs — a lot,” a source tattled to Us Weekly, but I have been hearing other wicked whispers that professional envy isn’t the only thing that’s come between these costars.

Could it be true that Naya’s ex-fiance Big Sean enjoyed a fling with little Miz Michelle? That’s what I’ve been told, minions, but who knows if it’s true. I can’t envision a world where Lea and Big Sean would ever have any reason to chat each other up, let alone hop into bed together. But, even if it didn’t happen, just the fact that the rumor mill is buzzing about it could be enough to ruffle Naya’s feathers even more. 

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No matter what’s really at the center of their hatred for one another, I don’t think it’s fair that Naya’s been written out of the finale. I am totes on Team NR on this one. Besides, who says you have to totally adore your coworkers in order to keep your job? Naya is entitled to her opinion–do you think she should be punished for not loving her leading lady?


  1. Kim Said:

    After 5 years Naya is suddenly jealous of Lea? Please… And Lea and Big Sean hooking up is so unrealistic.

  2. niamh Said:

    stop saying minions, its so f***ing annoying, just tell the story and stop acting like you’ve got a special following

  3. StarlightRiku Said:

    Honestly Naya has always had the better voice, Lea is a good cover artist but as a legit singer to make her own songs she sucks! Her songs are boring and have zero soul! Naya has always been better then her but she just wasn’t cast as the lead it’s a price you pay for fame, some publicity is better than none she needs to get in the studio with Beyoncé’s music producers and get her career going without glee.

  4. trinana Said:

    Didn’t they also wrote off Charice’s character because Lea feels threatened? She was suppose to appear for more episodes but those were suddenly deleted.

  5. ennele8 Said:

    Also Dianna Agron…
    And yes, it’s so annoying you calling people minions.

  6. Mumi Said:

    Naya Rivera all the way! She’s an amazing singer and in my opinion her voice is more special than Lea’s. I don’t see any reason to fire her from glee just because Lea is such a diva that can’t handle some competition.
    Go Naya!

  7. nayaallthway Said:

    I agree your story is going semi-well n then u say minions bitch have some respect u ain’t shit w out readers n btw I only read this half ass article becoz of TMZ not u. I hope u lose the rest of your writing assignments lmfao

  8. swd Said:

    What a bunch of bullies! Who cares if ur being called minions. Get a life! I hope you are just having a tough day and need to vent on here. I hope you have a better day tomorrow :) as for the story its sad Naya is getting let go of because she can’t stand her coworker, Hello, anyone that has a job has the occasional person they don’t get along with , you just learn how to deal with it.

  9. Johnette Said:

    i am a big glee fan but i cant watch it anymore. i feel like everyone’s stort is all about lea. “the Rachel project”? wasnt the glee club like a team, the glrr club taught us alot and now its like who cares. storylines of rachel being a controlling bitch is not gonna teach me anything or entertain me.im done with glee

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