Watch: Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Sing “Lego House”

ed sheeran and taylor swiftIf your brain is burning from all that gross Justin Bieber info I just threw at you, then allow me to offer you some mind bleach courtesy of the always adorable Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. During her show in London on Saturday night, Tay invited pal Ed onstage to do a duet of his song, “Lego House” and the result was, as Taylor herself admitted, “earth-shattering screams”! Take a listen and tell me if you’re ready to holler with joy…

I know darlings, the crowd is so loud–although not as loud as Ed’s dreadful sweater, someone please hire him a stylist–but the performance was still very cute, don’t you think? Even Ed says he was delighted, tweeting “Sung Lego house for the first time ever with a band tonight with @taylorswift13 at her London show. Orsum, thanks for all the love.”

Do you think there’s a potential love connection between Taylor and Ed? Given that they’re totally BFFs, I can’t help but wonder if romance is on the horizon for these two tourmates. Tell me what you think darlings, XOXO.

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  1. Kalyn Said:

    This was cute, but her dancing..oyy

  2. M Said:

    Can someone please stop her from dancing?

  3. ianamary Said:

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