What Does Blake Lively Miss Most About Gossip Girl?

My dear Upper East Siders, every morning I go through your tweets and read through what you miss most about Gossip Girl: the fashion, the drama, Chuck Bass… but what does Blake Lively miss most about playing It Girl Serena van der Woodsen for six seasons?

“I miss the people that I worked with, our cast and our crew,” she revealed in a recent Vogue chat. “But I don’t miss the 16-hour days.” Fair enough, B. But those 16 hour days made one of the greatest TV shows of all time, so it wasn’t done in vain.

Blake Lively 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards - Cocktails

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Blake also confessed that the first season of the series was nearest and dearest to her heart. “It was the 1st year I lived in New York City and what a way to live in NY. It was very special and surreal,” she said.

All of this talk is making me nostalgic. But before I go back to my DVR and check in on the Non-Judging Breakfast Club, tell me what you miss the most about the show. XOXO


  1. frozenelsa Said:

    What I miss the most about the show… is you, Gossip Girl! Your remarks on the show in Kristen Bell’s lovely voice were always on-point.

  2. Mary Kate Said:

    The world is waiting for season 7!! Please, I miss Chuck and Blair!

  3. Mel Said:

    The romance!

  4. Shawn Marie Said:

    I miss everything about it but especially Chuck & Blair. Hasn’t been a show since that’s filled it’s place.

  5. Maria Said:

    Chuck and Blair, the drama, the fashion… Just so much, it truly was the best show ever!! It ended really well but I would love like a special episode or something. Miss that show- thank god I own the box set haha

  6. Adrianna Said:

    The entire cast, gossip girl herself, and chuck bass!

  7. Ella Said:

    I miss everything about this show. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t watch an episode.
    We need a 7th season :(

  8. Samy30416 Said:

    I miss Chuck and Blair sooo much! Please make another show where Ed and Leighton are the main characters or bring a Season 7 of Gossip Girl!

  9. McKenzie Said:

    Omg I miss Chuck and Blair. And I just love how of all they went through they ended up together. But also the same for Serena and Dan.

  10. Carina Van der Woodsen Said:

    I miss everything about Gossip Girl! There should be def a 7th season …I mean only 6?! Lot of series have 10 seasons or even more! This is a GREAT show, please, bring it back! I watch it everyday non stop and I can’t get enough of it …it’s just the best show EVER. You know I’ll be waiting …xoxo, Carina Van der Woodsen ;)

  11. Asha Said:

    I miss the fashion, the music, the schemes, the NYC landmarks, the plots, the quotes, the chuck bass, the limo…etc. etc. But more than anything else I miss living vicariously through Blair Waldorf. For years before I fell in love with the show, people told me I reminded them of her. Now I see what a great compliment that was because she is so perfectly human and real.

  12. Tia-Martin Said:

    I miss everything. Definitely one of the best shows there was on TV. And I particularly miss Chuck and Blair.

  13. PUTRI Fitria Said:

    i miss the one and only CHUCK BASS. wish there is season 7 .

  14. J Chien Said:

    I miss Chuck & Blair. And the way Blair talks to her minions. lol
    And the strongest friendship betweent the upper east side.

  15. Ana Cantu Said:

    We NEEEEEED a season 7. Honestly, that will melt my heart, in a good way lol. I am not the person to beg, but another season is definitely needed. I am by far obsessed with the many characters that are played in this show.

  16. Sofia Ortiz Said:

    i miss everything!! I MISS GOSSIP GIRL! I miss Chuck and Blair, I MISS EVERYTHING! If it’s possible. please make a season 7! 6 seasons is NOT enough! <3

  17. Jenny Said:

    I really miss everything in GOSSIP GIRL.I mean,come on,just season 6?!Those fantastic clothes,beautiful faces and stories…They are always in my heart.XOXO.GOSSIP GIRL

  18. Angela Said:

    chuck and blair deserve their own show

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  20. Blair Waldorf Said:

    ohmygod gossip girl is so awesome <3
    it's definitely the best show EVER
    and I need a season 7, or if that's not possible, why don't you make, like, a gossip girl reunion or something.
    I don't know. The only thing I DO know is that this cannot be over just yet.

  21. Jenny Humphrey Said:

    I miss Gossip Girl, sooo much! it was soo amazing. Although, it had me on the edge of my sit a lot of the times in all else it was a very nice teenage tv show drama.

  22. Katherine Said:

    I miss everything. I love the show.

  23. Chasity Said:

    I miss everything! The relationships between all of the main characters, the romance, especially chuck and Blair’s. There was no other friendship like Serena and Blair’s. I loved the drama! I literally watched 2 seasons in 2 days. I loved it! They need to do at least 1 more season. :)

  24. Shafaq Said:

    I love gossip girl so much I am making a story for my class asignhment and it’s based on gossip girl pppppllllzzzzz make season 7 I can not get enought plz

  25. Carson Said:

    I miss when Chuck is happy in the 5th season he just glows!!!

  26. Ashley Said:

    I miss Constance take downs with Blair :((( <3

  27. Jennifer Said:

    Are you kidding me?! It’s tote obvi! I miss new chapters! I miss CHUCK BASS!
    But most of all, I miss true Serena herself! She was the Cartier 50k diamond of the Gossip Girl show crown. Now, she deserves the name of Queen B. Congrats Blake! XOXO

  28. rasa.gj Said:

    I’ve really missed CHUCK!

  29. Kate Mitchell Said:

    I really miss Chuck and Blair defiantly!

  30. Natalia Bass Said:

    I miss the show so damn much

  31. Iriana Said:

    What I miss most is everything Serena! But what I also miss incredibly is the amazing love between Serena and Dan. I cried every time they broke up and I just loved watching them while they were together which after season 2 I didn’t really get to watch );

  32. xoxo Said:

    Words cannot describe how much I miss Gossip Girl. This show was hands down the best of all time. If only there could be a season 7 or even a Gossip Girl movie, that would make me and millions of other girls soooooo happy!! Talking about this makes me want to watch all of the seasons for the 5th time…. basically how much it means to me.

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