What Does Niall Horan Smell Like? 5 Seconds of Summer Has the Answer!

When I think of my beloved One Direction darlings, I imagine each of them having a totally unique scent. I imagine Zayn Malik smelling like a spicy, heady cologne, like Drakkar Noir or Tom Ford. Harry Style’s scent, however, seems like it’d be the cigarettes-and-hair-gel variety. But Niall Horan? He’s so fresh and puppy-like that I picture his personal fragrance as being clean and soapy, tres Acqua di Parma.

Wrong! The gents of 5 Seconds of Summer reveal that in fact, Niall is one swarthy gentleman.

5 seconds of summer niall horan


“Niall smells amazing but it’s the same smell every time, he has a scent. It’s overwhelming. You know when Niall’s in the room. It’s some sort of musk, a cowboy musk. Ireland. Leather bound books,” shares 5SOS.

O rly? I didn’t expect that, did you? But that kind of makes me like Niall more, knowing that he smells like a manly man. Tell me dolls, what does your ideal boy smell like? Is he clean and fresh or spicy and musky? And what is your opinion on 5SOS? Are they all over your iPod or are they just a 1D wannabe?

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  1. jemma Said:

    5sos are an amazing band! They really aren’t 1D try hards. Honestly just listen to their music and you will understand. They are the sweetest boys in the world and im so proud of them for everything!

  2. Mia Said:

    I wouldn’t say wannabe. They’re pretty good, though of course not as good as 1D. And since they seem to be such great friends with one another, I’d lean out of the window and all them 1D’s understudy ;) in an endearing way ^^

  3. Lilianna Said:

    I think he smells like Ireland! And I went there last summer so bitch don’t tell me I don’t know what it smells like over there and if you wanna know either go there or sit on your ass and Google it.

  4. Kirrily Said:

    I love 5SOS, they overtook one direction a looong time ago in my mind! Their songs are so much more mature and less typical pop boy band. As an Australian myself, I feel super proud of their achievements xoxo

  5. Ali Said:

    I love 5sos. They’re the best band since Greenday. 1D is great but they only sing while 5sos play their own music and their songs area catchy. They’ve gone from a cute basement band to an international sensation, not to mention they’re super hot ;)

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