What’s Harry Styles’ Number?

For someone who is portrayed as a womanizer, it’s hard to fathom how many people Harry Styles has slept with. But, he’s confessing all in the new issue of British GQ. (Yes, this is the same interview that caused all the Directioners to issue death threats to the editors, and judging from the comments in my post yesterday, it’s this particular topic in the article that infuriated them, but he answered it, so I’m going to report on it. XOXO)

Are you sitting down for this? Are you ready to know this information? Because once you hear it, you can never un-hear it… Okay. Here we go:

“It’s definitely less than 100…Yes, lower than 50…I’m not doing this! You’re cornering me!” Harry said right before giving in. “Two people. I’ve only ever had sex with two people. That’s my answer. Read from it what you will!”

So, my darlings, there you have it. Should we play the guessing game of who it is? T.Swizzle? One of his geriatric ladies? Maybe just a fling? Or do you even care?

Harry Styles The 2013 Brit Awards (Brits)


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  1. -A Said:

    I think it’s his private life, and should continue to be, nobody has to get on it, who cares? How low can they get GQ! Gossip Girl Love You :3

  2. Nouf Said:

    i dont think it’s t swift bc they only lasted for what.. maybe 2 months? .. xoxo

  3. Abby Said:

    When is he gonna give up the “all inocent” act? We all know he’s probably a stupid bastard who’s keeping a secret… i wonder what it is? We’ll just have to find out… xoxo

  4. Tori Said:


  5. Tori Said:

    I love Harry so much I would do anything to just talk to him

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