Which Harry Potter Star Is Heading To Broadway?

Daniel Radcliffe won’t be alone on the Great White Way for long. I hear that his Harry Potter costar Rupert Grint has landed a part in “Its Only A Play” and will star alongside Broadway greats likeĀ Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Stockard Channing, Megan Mullally, F. Murrary Abraham and Micah Stock.

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Personally, I do not care for the theater. I have enough drama in my life and, in the immortal words of ‘Ouisa from Steel Magnolias, I can nap at home for free. Nor have I ever understood why one would want to be in a play. It’s SO repetitive! Every day for months–sometimes years!–you’re saying the exact same lines or singing the same songs. I’d hang myeslf from the rafters.

But, I imagine that Rupes is ready for something different after all those years as Ron Weasley, so good for him. The play opens on Oct 9 for a 17 week run (agony) and the production is described thusly:

The British star will play Frank Finger, the wunderkind director of a new play by an anxious writer (Broderick) whose career is on the line as he eagerly awaits the reviews on opening night. As the show roars onward, the playwright passes the time with his TV star best friend (Lane), his producer (Mullally), the show’s leading lady (Channing), an infamous critic (Abraham), and a fresh-faced coat check attendant (Stock). The play first premiered in New York in 1986 at the Manhattan Theatre Club; the 2014 production is a newly revised adaptation by McNally, the four-time Tony-winning scribe whose recent premiere Mothers and Sons marked his 50th year on Broadway.

TL;DR. But I’m pleased that Rupert will once again be back in the public eye, in my neighborhood no less! Rupes, if you need a tourguide, you know where to find me…XOXO.

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