Blind Item: Which Hot Couple is Just A Publicity Stunt?

Pull up a seat, darlings because I have a hot tip that one of the newest wannabe It Couples in Hollywood is nothing more than a publicity stunt cooked up by their publicist–and yes, they both have the same one.

A few hints: she is on a popular TV show and he stars in the biggest movie of the summer, and while they could both (well, he could anyway) easily get dates with other people, they’re more interested in raising their profile than finding actual love. So for now, they’re content to pose for the oh-so-accidental paparazzi shot…but one of them is hoping this could turn from a fauxmance to an actual showmance.

My guess is Man of Steel star Henry Cavill and The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco–from the moment I heard about their “relationship” I knew something was fishy.  But what say you minions? Is there another couple in Hollywood that jumps out at you as being totes phoney?

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  1. LW Said:

    Agreed – I immediately thought of Cuoco and Cavill. There are never pap pictures of her anywhere. All of a sudden a day after their “relationship” became public, there were pap pictures of her all over the place. Also, I saw it reported that the two share the same pr agency.

  2. Shabba Said:

    And if you notice the pap pictures neither of them seem too happy to be with the other person. I have seen a lot of paparazzi pictures of a lot of couples and these people atleadt smile or have something about their body language which indicates intimacy. This newest It couple lacks chemistry. And I am not saying that because I am obsessed with Cavill. I have moved on and am now crushing on Max Irons. So GG some scoop on him will be very welcome.

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