Whitney Port’s WTF Request

Have $50,000 burning a hole in your Balenciaga bag? The Hills star Whitney Port would like it please, thank you. The reality-star-turned-fashion-designer has set up a website asking for “donations” (note to Whit: a clothing line isn’t a charity) to fund the runway show for her line Whitney Eve at New York’s Fashion Week in September.

Instead of doing what every other designer does, finding investors or getting a bank loan, Whit seems to think that her fans will want to donate dollars in exchange for a personalized thank you Tweet (worth $5) or a front row seat at her showing ($450). Sorry W, while I admire your big city dreams, from what I’ve seen of your lackluster line, I’d pay not to have it at Fashion Week…XOXO.

whitney port at the vans custom culture event in LA




  1. ariel_styles Said:

    cute…for something you would wear to costco

  2. JuliaVonBruk Said:

    The word “horrible” doesn’t even come close to how this outfit – if one can call it that – looks like…

  3. HaveDreams Said:

    Separately I like the clothes. But it was a big mistake to put them together… sorry, NO GO.

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