Who Is Gossip Girl? Fans Make Their Predictions!

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The Gossip Girl series finale, “New York, I Love You XOXO” is set to air at 8/7c Monday, December 17, 2012 on The CW, and the big mystery of Gossip Girl’s identity will be revealed! In anticipation of this, we asked fans to share their predictions and theories. Check out some of them below:

@billymahoney1 –  I think it’s Lily because she herself has a lot of secrets, Dan because he seems to have a way with words or Jenny Humphrey #gg

@1MinuteToFame –  It should be #DOROTA She’s the only person who knows every single detail among the insiders. :)

@LatifahChante – Maybe some completely random like the doorman, Vanya

@Brunette_BCBG – At this point, it could be anyone; Dan’s sister Jenny, one of the parents, possibly a guy, or a girl. Or Dan’s ex before S.

@meghna71 – I think its Vanessa! The ones that appear the most harmless are the ones that cause the most trouble!

@MiraLyana – I think it’s Dorota because she has access to everyone’s secrets and affairs through Blair!

@R0BERTH0E – I feel as if Jenny Humphrey could be Gossip Girl because she’s shown she has the willpower and determination to do it. XOXO

@ruruKaaang – Nelly Yuki because she’s forever an outsider

@RhondaGreenway – I’m pretty sure when Kristen Bell cameos on the @gossipgirl series finale it will be to announce she’s actually been Gossip Girl all along.

@anisha255 –  I think it will be Juliet. She’s mean. I don’t like her. :(

@albattista – Dan, without a doubt

Who do you agree with? Or do you have different thoughts? Share them in a comment below! And be sure to tune in on Monday to find out who’s right!


  1. PrincessN94 Said:

    I think Gossip girl will be Jenny or Juliet, maybe Vanessa with them, but i am sure whoever gossip girl is, it will be someone we will never expect !

  2. SushiSaggi Said:

    Its DAN!

  3. sketlullaby Said:

    I think that GG is Nelly, because she hates Serena and Blair,and she loves Dan!!

  4. Terrii Said:

    its gorgeina sparks i guess

  5. gamze Said:

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