Will Gossip Girl Be Revealed in Season 6?

Gossip Girl Lips Logo“If I got to write the show, it would be a very different thing. I would make Chuck Gossip Girl.” Chace Crawford told Parade about how he would pick Chuck Bass as the mysterious GG. His character Nate Archibald‘s mission in Season 6 is to find out who is behind all of the mean and gossip-spreading web posts and texts that have hurt his group of friends. He also wants to do this because he wants to make a name for himself and The Spectator.

If Gossip Girl finally is revealed in Season 6, who do you think it should be? Let’s examine some of the evidence we have seen recently:

  • We can probably rule out Georgina who stole GG’s laptop and then gave it to Serena (who can probably be ruled out too since she took over as GG after Georgina). But you never know….
  • It was also revealed that everyone in the group has sent in tips to Gossip Girl except for Nate. That’s a little suspicious, right? But he’s determined to expose her so he wouldn’t be doing that if it was him, would he? Or would he? Although we suspect that it’s a girl because of the name (but we could be off!)
  • And on the other hand, could it be someone we’ve never seen before? After all, Kristen Bell is the voice of GG — will she end up showing her face?

Vote in the poll below to tell who you think Gossip Girl is! We only listed the main characters in the show, so if you think it’s someone else, definitely add your thoughts in a comment. And be sure to tune in to Season 6 (premiering Oct. 8) to see if the mystery is revealed!

Who do you think the real Gossip Girl is?

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  1. DCteen93 Said:

    We’ve all had our suspicion of certain cast members, but I really want it to be Kristen Bell. Make her character someone that is close to the group, such as a student but everyone ignored her. She knew everything about everyone but no one gave her a chance. Good twist!

  2. psychokiller Said:

    People say that Dorota is Gossip Girl.

  3. gabrielaaraujo Said:

    I watched the whole show again this summer to see if I could find anything that revealed who is gossip girl, and I strongly believe it is Penelope. She was close to the main characters, and she knew a lot.

  4. toyin Said:

    Pls how can dorota be gg??????????

  5. Rosa98R Said:

    No,isn’t Dorota.I think it is Kristen Bell. :)

  6. teamblair Said:

    its the guy that serena thinks she killed when they took drugs together. or maybe a friend of his or an angry gf

  7. victor Said:

    No,isn’t Dorota.I think it is Blair.

  8. haileyoney Said:

    why would it be blair? because she wouldn’t rad out her own diary entries.

  9. Jessie07 Said:

    I truly believe that GG it’s going to be dan.
    He’s really suspicious xD

  10. dianaxox93 Said:

    It’s obviously Dan, he’s the one that always has lots of free time to write stuff. He’s a writer so he’s good at writing. He fell in love with Serena in 9th grade and that’s the same time that gossip girl started.

  11. Laura Said:

    I knew from season one that it was Georgina. Seriously. Georgina, a conniving liar set on destroying Serena and Dan?! That screams Gossip Girl. I know wasn’t always that way, but it was publically and that’s all that matters to me ;)

  12. toya Said:

    its dan cause he’s the writer and just practicing

  13. gosip girl Said:

    It is dan

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