Which Ex Is Kendall Jenner Still “Infatuated” With?

Ah darlings how I love it when professional dullards try to be literary and sophisticated. It tickles me so! Kendall Jenner┬áreposted an ultra emo quote by author Sylvia Plath on Instagram. If KJ, who can’t even get through reading a Billboard Music Awards cue card, can name even one thing written by Ms. Plath, I’ll eat my Birkin.

My my, how maudlin. It seems that Kendall wholeheartedly agrees with the idea of obsessive love, but who oh who could KJ have in mind? Despite her beauty she hasn’t exactly had a slew of boyfriends. The only one that comes to mind is Harry Styles. And considering Taylor Swift penned “I Knew You Were Trouble” about the One Direction playboy, I think it’s entirely possible that Kendall too caught the HS fever and can’t let go.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tell me lambs, which former flame is this Kardashian sis still trying to keep up with? Could it be Harry? Or is there another you think has sunk in his claws?


  1. MissEmilyN Said:

    That song is about someone else (Jake or John, I believe). The only song off “Red” that is about HS is “Girl at Home.”

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