Why Hayden Panettiere Put Her Wedding On Hold!

Remember once upon a time when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt vowed that they wouldn’t wed until gay marriage was legal around the world? Neither do they, apparently, because all of their political posturing went out the window once Brad presented her with a jillion-carat diamond, evidently.

But it seems that Hayden Panettiere is putting politics ahead of her nuptials and postponing her wedding to her surprisingly sexy Ukranian boxer fiance, Wladimir Klitschko, given all of the political turmoil in his home country…

“Everything that’s happening in Ukraine definitely put a hold on things,” Hayden told Parade magazine. Wlad’s brother, Vitali, is knee-deep in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and wants to run for Ukranian president in 2015. “But we have time.”

hayden panettiere Wladimir Klitschko


Well that’s a pity, isn’t it. A wedding is supposed to be a frothy fun time filled with cake tastings and dress fittings and rampant registry shopping sprees! But trekking to Kiev to help stop unrest? Holding picket signs? Eating borscht? Not so much.

While it’s certainly a shame that HP is postponing her “I do’s,” I’m rather impressed that she’s so selfless and politically active.


  1. Robert Said:

    I think they should go ahead and get married. They clearly want to, just put off the ceremony until things cool down in Ukraine. That way, it the worse should happen, {I don’t think it will but it might} they will be married and any legal BS that pops up will be out of the way. If everything cools down they can have a big ceremony and huge party that will fill conversations for years.

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