Breakup Alert: Why Joe Jonas Dumped Blanda Eggenschwiler

Something is going on in Hollywood, minions. I can barely keep up with all of these celebrity breakups, can you?

I hear yet another couple has bitten the dust. It’s time to say farewell to Joe Jonas and Blanda Eggenschwiler, who lasted almost two years. Joe’s rep confirmed the split saying it “was amicable and the two remain friends, with great respect for one another.”

But I hear otherwise, Upper East Siders…

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Radar Online had a source spill that it most certainly was not mutual and that Joe was the one who called it quits.

“Before meeting Blanda, Joe would go out and have fun, but not nearly as much as when they became a couple,” the insider explained. “She wanted to go out all the time, like every night.”

Joe’s family loathed her and kept trying to tell him she was just using him, but he wouldn’t listen.

“She was incredibly jealous of all of his friendships with women, and she hated how women would throw themselves all over him,” the source continued. “It eventually got to the point where Joe could not take it anymore.”

She sounds absolutely miserable, darlings. But do you think any of that behavior had anything to do with Joe? After all, he doesn’t seem like the best boyfriend in the world (27-second phone dump, anyone?) Who do you think is really to blame in this breakup? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO


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    I think Blanda is to blame because she got jealous of girls throwing themselves at him. HE’S A JONAS BROTHER FOR GOD’S SAKE! Also she was horrible by not letting him see his mom unless she was happy. IF A GUY DID THAT TO ME I WOULD FUCKING RUN OVER HIS BALLS! Joe was right to ditch her

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