Why Kellan Lutz Really Ditched Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus may have a hefty bank balance, a closet full of couture (hideous couture, but still…) and a private jet at the ready, but my little spies are whispering that MC is close to a breakdown over her snub from Kellan Lutz!

Apparently MC thought that when KL whisked her off to the Bahamas in December that he intended to make her his GF. Sorry Miley, not so much.

“Kellan’s just not that attracted to her and says she’s not what he wants in a girlfriend,” Kellan’s pal dished to Life & Style. He knows she has major issues. He thinks she’s kind of gross.”

Kellan Lutz Extra


Wait. Wait. Are you trying to tell me that handsome classy gentlemen like Kellan don’t want a twerking, tweaking terror of a GF? Quelle surprise!

Sadly, it is to Miley, who has “no self awareness” says a friend, adding that MC can’t quite figure out why she went from engaged to single in the blink of an eyelash extension. “She’d love to be in a relationship, but she’s totally unaware of why guys dump her.”

Miley Cyrus


Oh Miley :( Here are a few tips to make boys take you more seriously: stay home once in a while. Invest in something called “a blouse” and “chic clothing.” Also, the tongue. We’ve discussed this. Another spy told me that Miley tried to put the moves on his pal during a visit to LIV nightclub in Miami in late December…and it did not go well.

Darlings tell me, what would you advise MC to do in order to snag herself a man? Or should she just let her freak flag fly…even if it means she’s flying solo?

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  1. b Said:

    get a normal haircut, normal clothes, keep her tongue in her mouth, stop twerking, get some manners, and then maybe she might end up someone’s GF

  2. KATE Said:

    she needs to grow up and be normal… look like a normal girl.. act like a lady.. and keep her freak locked away in her bed room, not in a music video or on stage.. its really sad.. she used to be so pretty with long brown hair and her southern girl next door attitude..

  3. bahar Said:

    i’ll tell u fuck off and stop getting ur bloody head into other people business

  4. Haley Said:

    you awful conformists. miley should do whatever she wants and if no one ever dates her then it’s their loss for

  5. Keltie Said:

    When i was younger I loved MC both as herself and Hannah Montana, now she has just become beyond the opposite of what I loved and it really sucks…. I believe she will one day realize the big mistake she has made, I just hope it isn’t too late

  6. Kathleen Midz Said:

    I second what Gossip girl said. How come she’s got all this money yet
    She can’t buy herself some class but in fairness,
    the lyrics to her songs are not bad, just the twerking
    And the tongue kinda creeps the men out

  7. Ashleigh Said:

    I’m horrified at everyone saying “look like normal girl”. She is a normal girl! She just needs to calm down a bit and consider what she looks like through the eyes of others.

  8. s Said:

    She can express herself in any manner. If she’s a happy party girl go ahead, be bold and daring. But be a lady. Show some self respect MC. You can have it all but its lonely at the top if you want to pull stunts.

  9. Saba Said:

    This is such a fake blog like WTF haha she won’t go like “why do guys dump me”

  10. ana Said:

    why the fuck would she change for a man? thats just stupid and sexist

  11. Nusha Said:

    For Miley C: Look up the definition for Etiquette. If your not sure where. Free dictionary . com

  12. Jess Said:

    What’s ironic about this whole thing is that when she does “straighten up” all this crap she is trying to leave behind will be held against her. Everyone constantly says she’s this and that and she needs to get herself together and grow up, when nobody knows who she really is. You just know what’s online, or made up by no-life media stalkers. Nobody knows a damn thing about who she is or what she does behind the camera. So I think everyone should get a life and stop trying to ruin hers. Xo

  13. Pixie Said:

    I think she just needs to grow up a little bit. All she’s doing is getting the Disney image out of everybodys head, but she’s doing it too much, too quickly. So, Miley, just calm down :)

  14. Resa Said:

    I actually like the new hair I think it suits her. The attitude and the clothing not so much… She needs to settle down and be the sweet down to earth girl she used to be if she wants a man….

  15. ReRe Said:

    hahaha! Are you serious. aahhh GG jealousy is in the air, KL is a nobody. Miley however is at the peek of her career, men love that she’s insanely hot. She isn’t fake, wonderful figure and has a unique sense of style. Because she doesn’t wear pastel pinks and her shoes don’t match her handbag? p-lease. Not everyone want’s to be a dumb loser that craves men’s attention. I’m sure she actually doesn’t give an S and has men grovelling at her feet.

  16. Jaydey Said:

    Let her freak flag fly. Why try change her? She’s not for everyone, but someone is out there who will think she’s awesome just as she is and Love her for her.
    Until then, she’s ‘gunna do her thang’ (song quote lol)

  17. Kaykay Said:

    Really, be a normal person? That’s a great idea. Conformity, not originality everybody. Remember that.

    Sarcasm heavily intended.

  18. Shannon Said:

    Im not a MC fan, but I don’t believe in changing for a man. If this is who she is, that is that. She just needs someone who is willing to accept her.

  19. Stine Said:

    Oh, seriously… Stop breeding a picture of girls only being liked by guys if they act and look like a freaking pink princess… How do you think Gaga snagged her man? By being her monster-self AND herself, why yes! A real man has the guts to choose a real person for their GF, not some 1950s boy child illusion of a housewife princess!

    Cut the girl some slag! I’ve seen bigger (shhhh) on Gossip Girl, honestly, Serena had a new man every week and you sure don’t judge that character here, do ya?!

  20. PM Said:

    You guys really need to get a life, and try to stop being so narrow-minded. Miley is a perfectly nice girl, and though she doesn’t feet the definition of normal, she still is. Has anything she’s done with ANY GUY been defined as thoroughly promiscuous? No, the VMA performance does not count. Kellan Lutz is a meathead who doesn’t know a good person when he sees it….he definitely has that in common with Liam Hemsworth

  21. Pauline Said:

    “I’m horrified at everyone saying “look like normal girl”. She is a normal girl! She just needs to calm down a bit and consider what she looks like through the eyes of others.”

    I think what you’re saying is as wrong as what you are horrified at…

    Everyone should be able to dress, talk, act the way they like. And they shouldn’t change because “it’s not normal” or others don’t like it. And nothing says “To have a partner, be in the norm.”

    So let her be.

  22. kamryn Said:

    hey no miley is jusr be herself bu celeb why have to be what everyone else wnt them tk be? miley cyrus is expressing hersel haters gonna hate i love mimi miley and she is standjmg up fir herself id ccluv hthat i hage been bullied before and i know what it like to be her i sned love
    Bye mil mil

  23. Vampy Said:

    Your article is stupid. I’m not a big fan of hers, but she did not go from engaged to single “in the blink of an eyelash extension.” It was actually the longest breakup in history, starting in early 2013. An while we’re at it, her ex’s behavior was actually worse than hers. Anybody who knows, knows that he was trying to screw anything that walked while they were still “engaged.”

  24. Jules Said:

    what the fuck is ‘normal’?! you all preach it like it’s the fountain of freaking happiness.
    what happened to individuality and artistic expression? since when being with a guy became the ultimate must? ‘settle down’, ‘calm down’, ‘get x clothes’, do this, do that. nobody asked for your advice, especially miley. so leave the girl alone cause it’s her life, her choices, she’ll find the one for her when the time is right.
    in the meantime you can go back to your normal lives and everybody’s happy.

  25. T Said:

    Be who you are and the guy who accepts that and falls in love with that is the right one. I met my boyfriend of just over a year out clubbing through a friend. We only saw each other out for the first couple of weeks and it has grown from there. We now have a better understanding of each other and how we are. Wouldn’t change a thing about him and he would’t change a thing about me. We are both just as cray as MC but we love to get ever crazier together.

  26. victor Said:

    She changed for hollywood didnt she? She clearly knows how to get peoples attention. Unfortunately, she does this by acting completely ridiculous. If she had real talent she wouldn’t have the need to act the way she does. Sadly for her, the way she acts is only going to deter real men like LH and KL. If she took some of the energy she puts into doing these crazy stunts and put it into nourishing the little bit of talent she has, maybe shed be mkre respected AND shed have a good boyfriend.

  27. i Said:

    i don’t think she gives a damn … she is 21 and she is right in the spotlight !

  28. phoenix Said:

    “handsome classy gentlemen like Kellan”…seriously…i know u party a lot gossip girl…bt atleast when u post be sober…miley doesn’t need a man to rock the world…and girl, she’s rocking it just fine!!!

  29. Foxy Said:

    Be who you wanna be, don’t become boring because guys don’t want you to act crazy. Never let your own personality go to waist over some guy. If guys don’t like you, go date some girls like Cara, she’ll appreciate you. Let the kid (she’s only 20 something years old, she’s not a real adult yet) be who she wants to be. It’s not her fault that 50% of the Americans have a stick up their ass and act all prudish. Calm the phxck down.

  30. Sabrina Said:

    This website is absolutely despicable. Painting a successful young girl as someone who needs a man to survive .. I don’t fucking think so. THIS ISN’T EVEN A FUCKING SHOW ANYMORE. SHUT THIS SHIT DOWN AND GET A DAMN HOBBY.

    go fuck yourself xoxo

  31. WINTA Said:

    HEY MC IS grown women she knows what she is doing mey be she is tierd of being the roll model of liltel girls i guess she is liveing when she is young she will have what faith have for her & even her dad is okey with it stop it live your owns & live her alone she is not compling that she is solo ;)

  32. saudamini Said:

    MC doesnt have to change herself for any guy. she deserves a guy who would accept her the way she is.

  33. Jeffrey Said:

    Lose the tongue, dress warmer (every time I see her I get a cold feeling), waer nicer underwear or swimwear (not that ugly nineties swimwear) and last but not least get a better vocabulary.

  34. Althea Said:

    I think that she’s just going through a phase. She’s basically still in the stage of growing up from an adolescent to an adult. I think it’s what you call, the “Rebellion” stage. Let her discover herself, hopefully she’ll settle down soon.

  35. Annabelle Said:

    She should take a break to sort her thoughts out, I’m sure she’s going to regret it all sooner or later

  36. N Said:

    She deserves to be with someone who will love the true her which is what she’s showing us all, if it’s not kelan than too bad but there are so many other guys out there who would kill for Miley, maybe we haven’t met him yet lol


  37. Snooki Said:

    A ‘handsome, classy gentleman??’ OMG, you sound so stupid. This guy is a notorious attention whore who calls the paps at every opportunity. I saw him the other day on a talk show, and was blown away by the awkwardness. Everything he said was phony bullshit, and he had a shocking lack of charisma.

  38. Leah Said:

    Why did KL even take her to the Bahamas?

  39. S Said:

    No girl should be treated like this! No matter how hot of a guy you are, or how messed up a girl she is. Just, no!

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