Why Kelly Osbourne’s Engagement Really Ended!

Kelly Osbourne and fiance Matthew Mosshart recently went belly-up, and of course KO tried to sell us the tired old cliche that it was a “mutual decision” and they’re still oh-so-BFFy. But as always darlings I’ve gotten to the bottom of things!

The reality is, according to my sources at Star, Matthew caught Kelly cheating on him and kicked her to the curb. Apparently in late October, Kelly locked lips with another dude while she and Matthew were partying at Beacher’s Madhouse in Hollywood.

kelly osbourne, matthew mosshart


That’s right minions, Kell cheated on her BF while he was in the room. Not exactly a criminal mastermind, is she? Perhaps she wanted to get caught! But KO tried to blame it on the booze.

“She promised she would stop drinking so much but she never stuck to it,” tattles my insider. “Matthew just couldn’t get over her cheating. As time went on, she had no sympathy or sorrow for what she did.”

Very interesting, n’est ce pas? But do you believe that this is the real reason these two split or is KO’s story actually the truth?


  1. Emm Said:

    It’s possible she did get drunk & make out with some dude, which if she did, she must not have been very serious about her impending wedding.

  2. Baby Said:

    What I think is that he would look really cute with short hair (completely unrelated)

  3. kimk Said:

    i thought she was a lesbian

  4. AM Said:

    Wouldn’t be surprised. She really looks like an awful person.

  5. lynne Said:

    He’s prettier than her and she just couldn’t take it any longer. she needed another man to make her feel better !

  6. Annie Said:

    Or maybe it was her ridiculous purple hair.

  7. kate Said:

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