Is 13-Year-Old Willow Smith REALLY Dating a 20-Year-Old?

In case you missed it, there’s been a lot of uproar happening over an Instagram pic of 13-year-old Willow Smith and 20-year-old Moises Arias (aka that creepy little dude from Hannah Montana.) In the pic, Willow is cuddled up on the bed next to a shirtless (gasp!) Moises. The image has a lot of people assuming the two were hooking up (gross).



If you’re anything like me, you’re saying, “Where are her parents?” “Why are they in bed together?” “Why won’t he please put his shirt back on?” Well, we’re starting to get answers, people! Kind of…

“Here’s the deal,” Jada-Pinkett Smith told TMZ. “There was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation. You guys are projecting your trash onto it.” Oh really Mama Smith? The two are in bed and one looks pretty naked–how are we not supposed to jump to conclusions on that one, hmmm?

I also hear that Moises is LOL-ing at the fact that anyone would be linking the two romantically. Willow is “like a sister to him,” an insider told Gossip Cop. “Arias considers the Smiths to be a ‘second family,’ and a member of Arias’ actual family — his brother — is the one who took the infamous photo,” the site reported.

What do you think is really going on, darlings? Is Willow’s relationship with Moises totally harmless or is this going to be a completely real (and kind of disturbing) summer fling?


  1. Sol Said:

    Its totally harmless, can´t a girl like Willow have friends like Moises Arias without people jumping to conclusions.

  2. kaela Said:

    she looks pretty naked?! the only skin showing is her ARMS and barefeet?! it’s n innocent picture… guys always walk around without their shirts it’s the only good thing about being a guy is being able to walk around shirtless and no one gives a second thought

  3. Sabrina Said:

    Come on now. Just because the Smiths let their children express themselves doesn’t mean they don’t set boundaries. It is highly unlikely that Will and Jada would let their daughter date a 20 year old.

    My younger brother walks around the house without a shirt on in the summer. If I take a picture with him is someone gonna accuse us of dating? I would certainly hope not.

    Gossip sites love to warp things. And it’s so crazy to me that people would try to sexualize this 13 year old girl!

  4. Jean Said:

    Ya’ miss the point! It seems that all the young girls think they have to have the sexy look to succeed. What happened to real talent.
    They are all beginning to look like whores, and that is the parents
    fault and funny way of pushing these babies to “stardom.” If it weren’t for Daddy producing and staring them in films… they’d be a nobody. I’m really sick of the let’s grow up and look like a
    “bimbo”. I feel sorry for these boys and girls that aren’t having a chance to be young.

  5. Liz Said:

    I doubt they’re pushing their kids into stardom. If they can be included in a film their father is in..that’s awesome. I want to give my kids everything I didn’t have growing up and if for them it’s giving their kids a chance to be in a movie or sing that’s great! Good for them.

  6. sofie Said:

    Stupid accusations its so obvious there is no intomate thing happening it’s so clear they ate like bro and sis and listening to another person.Stop beinso dumb obviously they will not post this pic if it meanst something it only shows there’s nothing sensual to think about.

  7. Amy Said:

    I highly doubt that they are anything other than friends, but still. I think 13 year old girl lying in bed with a shirtless 20 year old man is totally inappropriate, even if his brother was there.

  8. you're stupid Said:

    I think you, gossip girl, needs to calm down. They’re friends, it’s funny how you are ALSO projecting trash onto it. it’s so obvious those families are close and that picture is harmless. why don’t you write about something meaningful?

  9. Vikki Burtonile Said:

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  10. Chani Said:

    Nah … its harmless.. seriously ! just be careful
    guys can get really weird ideas


  11. Anjuli Said:

    Honestly, this picture is not as bad as people are making it seem. Willow looks as if she is just lounging on the bed, most likely hanging out with her brother and some friends. We only see one portion of what is actually happening, which is absolutely NOTHING. Moises is sitting in a corner looking at someone across the room almost like he was smiling or smirking at something that was said. This picture does not look sexual or sensual in nature. It’s innocent.

  12. Jessica Said:

    It is so interesting how humans think they can impose their own convictions on the rest of the human race.

  13. Anyone Said:

    Is that Willow Smith? I thought it was two boys in the bed. LOL

  14. Danyella Vigus-Brown Said:

    Come on don’t do things like this the poor girl is allowed to have friends she is on the bed and not in it just by the way get your facts straight before you accuse someone of things like that. She needs her space too #discusted…

  15. Gigi Said:

    You guys are seriously over exaggerating! She is only friends and it it nothing sexual. God, how rumours spread!

  16. breanna Said:

    I go with Gigi said she is right they are just friend

  17. breanna Said:

    And also I love you jaden smith and his sister and his dad will smith

  18. Recheal jacob Said:

    It is not that bad…..d media always spread rumors….. this is nuts…..Willow smith is great young girl…she knows ha left n right….don’t judge until u find out d true story

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