First Look: Willow Smith’s New Song, “Summer Fling”

If you subtracted the drug references, creepy gyration and general feeling of trying too hard from Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” video, you’d be left with Willow Smith’s new song, “Summer Fling.” Catchy and adorable and flirty and goofy, Willow’s new tune is the perfect thing for your iTunes if you’re not into faux-twerking and Molly. And trust me darlings, no It Girl is…

Tres cute, n’est ce pas? I even sort of fancy her fake British accent! The only thing I can’t really stand about this video is Willow’s terrible jorts. And¬†atrocious fake wig, but at least she can take her awful ‘do off–too bad Miley can’t say the same.

Will you be adding 12-year-old Willow’s track to your summer playlist? Or is MC’s song the jam of the season?



  1. Kalyn Said:

    I hate Miley and We Can’t Stop, but I hate this more. I can’t even call this a song, there’s so much nothing to drops down to just her talking for too much of the song and it puts me to sleep..

  2. Funny Said:

    song isss….am…ok i guess…but her hair,her clothes! giiiirl,you are pretty,i just can’t wait you pass this weird ugly hair and dressing stage!

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