Win the Complete Gossip Girl Series on DVD!

Now that the Gossip Girl television series is over, it’s quite common to feel this way:

Gossip Girl gif

But, have no fear, darlings! You can own Gossip Girl: The Complete Sixth and Final Season on DVD and download NOW. It Includes all 10 episodes plus exclusive special  features, deleted scenes, a full audio book and more! Gossip Girl: The Complete Series is also available now.

Now that the entire series is available — from the pilot to the big reveal — full marathon, anyone?

Here’s your chance to win the complete collection! Starting today (February 12, 2013) at noon ET until February 19, 2013 at noon ET, tweet to @gossipgirl using the hashtag #GossipGirlDVDs to enter to win all six seasons! Five lucky winners will score the set. Click here for the official rules. Good luck!

(For more information on the DVDs, go to

Gossip Girl complete series DVD collection

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  1. Joe Smith Said:


  2. ailene s. fernandez Said:

    i miss gossip girl..hope they will make it to a movie. i wanna see them also in personal, especially leighton and blake. i really like them. ;)

  3. nehal belal Said:

    i want a translated copy in arabic
    how i can get tit?

  4. Stacy Said:

    I haven’t seen season 6 yet. Netflix only had 1-5 still waiting for it!!!

  5. jill veysey Said:

    i wanna win lovvve gg

  6. Ana Maria Said:

    I really love gossip girl, its the best serie I’ve ever seen

  7. acne Said:

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  8. Nancy Said:

    I love gossip girl movie

  9. Nancy Said:

    I love the movie(gossip girl)it very interesting,motivating……brings us to understand the real life of a teenager,what the go through at a particular time…..more gossip,more fun.

  10. megan Said:

    OMG! i hope they make a 7th season i will be so happy i love gossip girl…

  11. justin Said:

    i love gossip girl movie

  12. Angela Said:

    I grew up with gossip girl! I hope to see gossip girl movie!

  13. Angela Said:

    I really love Blake Lively! Hope to see her in real life!!!!!!!!!!She is sooooooo charming!

  14. Tiffany Griner Said:

    Ilove gossipgirl besttshowever

  15. annie vautier Said:

    this is my favorite program and i hope to win.

  16. kidus Said:

    i love the movie it will b better if u continued

  17. kidus Said:

    the key of the movie is chak

  18. Alika Said:

    Gossip girls is the best tv show I ever seen and I would die to watch every episode again!!!!!!

  19. Barbara Lepore Said:

    Eu sou completamente apaixonada por essa série

  20. luciana loyer Said:

    Spotted:Serena Van Der Woodsen with Lonely Boy at Aruba.Sorry for being hidden, I was on vacations at Dubai.

    You know you love me.XOXO,

  21. denise opiniano Said:

    xoxo.. where can we get a copy of their DVD’s?? I’m dying to have all of them… :(

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