One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” Made Woman Go Into Labor at Concert

There are songs that make us want to dance. Songs that make us want to sing along. But the best songs ever are the ones that bring you back to a special and meaningful moment in your life.

For one 28-year-old, that statement can be taken literally. I hear that during a One Direction concert in England, a woman got so excited during the boys’ performance of “Best Song Ever” that her water broke and she went into labor a week earlier than expected!

One Direction 2013 American Music Awards - Show

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Six hours later, she was the new mom of a baby boy who was thisclose to being named after Harry Styles. “My partner can’t stand One Direction but we both actually quite liked the name Harry,” she told the DailyMail. But they eventually nixed that idea to name the newborn after his great-grandfather.

Crazy, right? What’s the one concert you’d insist on going to even if you were that pregnant? Or does nothing sound worse than having to go into labor in a loud crowded sticky arena? Tell me in a comment below! XOXO


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