Workout Video: Get Legs Like Blake Lively

Have a closet full of minis and want to rock them with strong, gorgeous legs like Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively? Her trainer Alicia Strom shared all the workout moves you need to achieve the look! In a FitSugar video, the fitness expert shared four moves you can do at home.

You just need a weighted medicine ball, a set of dumbbells, and resistance mini bands (two different levels—strong and stronger). Check out the descriptions below for the four exercises, and watch the video to see exactly how to do the moves:

Move #1 Diagonal Walk with Mini-Bands

Put the heavier resistance band above the knee, and the lighter one above the ankles. Crouch down in a squat position, and step to the left and diagonally to the back. Do ten sets per side and once you achieve the sets, get up on your toes, bring the squat down a little bit further, and do butterflies (open and close) 5-10 times.

Move #2 Lifted Heel Squat With Triceps Kickback

Station one leg nice and strong, placing it forward. Put your next leg diagonally back. Bring the diagonal leg up with your toes still on the ground. Bend over with a nice straight spine, and do a triceps kickback as you come down and come back up with a dumbbell in your hand.

Move #3 Standing Leg Rotation

Station legs strongly on the floor. Bring your left knee up, open the leg up, open up the arms, and bring everything in.

Move #4 Cross-Back Life With Medicine Ball

Grab a weighted medicine ball. Do alternating cross-back lunges with pulses and chess-presses.

What other stars do you think have great legs? Tell us in a comment below!

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