Worn Out: Jennifer Aniston’s LBDs

Has brightly colored fabric suddenly become uber-expensive? How else can I explain Jennifer Aniston’s endless parade of little black dresses.  The actress has turned up in an LBD to her last four movie premieres, and last night’s party for Horrible Bosses was no different. Sure, she looks great in her Balenciaga mini and Versace shoes, but considering how hot she looked in orange at her NYC perfume launch, don’t you think it’s time to brighten up her wardrobe?

Photograph by Splash News



  1. Hannah Said:

    Four isn’t that many, and black dresses can be fine so long as you keep some variety. It’s just that that little black dress is an ugly one.

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  3. Lydia Said:

    I think she looks fabulous in anything, so what if she wants to wear a black dress to every premier… stop being so pedantic!

  4. L Said:


  5. Suzie b Said:

    she’s pretty regardless…
    …Subway giving back after laying off over 1,300 people.. http://goo.gl/wlOYt $100 giftcards..shit i grab 3 of them..lol

  6. ola Said:

    http://ulink.pl/shock LOOK! HOT NEWS! JUSTIN BIEBER NAKED!! SHOCK!!

  7. Ann Said:

    I agree with Hannah that dress is ugly. Her mid-section look fat.

  8. pierre Said:

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  9. Maja Said:

    I think looking at the internal appearance of a person, not someone pojava.If you have any comments please feel free komentirajte.I must admit that Jennifer has an ugly black dress, but red it is much better. I’m not one of those “Gossip Girl”, but sometimes I enjoy comment. You have to admit you any gossip a little carried away in that big juicy gossip. You comment on the clothes, look a little face makeup, facial expression, smile and other.Sometimes and makeup rescue, if clothing is ugly. We must be attentive and do not see the person on the outside but from inside.

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