Was This The Worst Oscars Party EVER?

When one signs up for a $50K-a-table Oscars party, you might imagine a glitzy evening filled with beautiful people, scrumptious food, and fabulous entertainment. But that is NOT the experience guests at Charlize Theron‘s charity event got on Sunday night.

Charlize Theron 86th Annual Oscars Arrivals


The Fame & Philanthropy event which benefited Charlize’s Africa Outreach Project and two other charities CITY and the Compound Foundation became overrun with party-crashers who ended up creating a disastrous atmosphere (this is why one must never let outsiders in!)

My friends at TMZ reported that once uninvited guests started coming in because of a ticketing system malfunction, the gala turned into a nightmare. Not only was there not enough food, but the port-a-potties (ew!) turned disgusting and they ran out of toilet paper. Not the kind of place one would want to be wearing a designer gown, n’estce pas?

And the final straw? When the real invited guests wanted to high-tail it out of there, they couldn’t because there weren’t enough shuttles to take them back to the hotel. Dear me! So happy I RSVPed no to that one…

Have you ever been to a horrific party that was taken over by crashers? Was it as much of a nightmare as this one sounds like? Tell me all about it in a comment below. XOXO

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