WTF Alert: Anne Hathaway’s Hair Voted “Most Influential”

Sorry, Jennifer Aniston. Better luck next time, Justin Bieber. It seem that Anne Hathaway’s jagged crop for her role in Les Miserables has been declared the “Most Influential Hairstyle” by the 1,000 voters at the Hairdressing Council of Great Britain.

Anne Hathaway Oscars Nominees Luncheon


I’m not exactly sure what this means or if there’s some kind of splashy awards gala for this less-than-heroic honor, but I think it means that scores of women have been inspired by Anne’s shaved head to in turn lop off their locks into a pixie or close crop.

This is a mistake, females. I have never, in all my years, met a gentleman who wishes his ladyfriend would suddenly show up with air shorter than his. Never.

Ultra short hair falls into the dangerous category of “girl pretty” along with jumpsuits, (shudder), stiletto nails (yikes), and red lipstick (I love it, but such a mess). So if your goal is to impress fashionistas who will simply find some other reason to cross you, then by all means reach for the clippers a la Anne. If not, stick with the long locks, love. You can thank me later…XOXO.

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  1. mathew Kenvenson Said:

    i love a girl with short hair, actually it kinda inspires me to have a girl with short hair, that is all because girls have always been the follow the rules type and this drives me crazy but i love it when girl show the bad side, not meaning going Full Diva or anything but sometimes rules are made to be broken … so a person should live his or her life knowing that he can sometimes go of the grid than be bound to a life of slavery to the rules and there makers, and this is all i have.
    thank you

  2. Helen S Said:

    Oh I should base my hair decision on what dudes think and/or whether or not it’ll impress some amorphous, bitchy group of fashionistas? Shit, I never knew. Pardon me while I quite my job for fear that it’ll be threatening to potential husbands.

  3. Kate L. Said:

    Why does it matter what anyone else thinks? If a woman wants to cut her hair short, she should do it! Why do we have to live our lives by whether or not other people will approve of us? If we can’t be ourselves around certain people, why are we even around them? If someone doesn’t like my haircut, fine. But that’s not going to stop me from cutting my hair.

  4. blair Said:

    Of course should a women do what she likes with her hair and if someone likes to have ugly short hair it is hair decision btw i love my long hair would never cut it

  5. Nicole Said:

    Ever heard of Audrey Hepburn? She had short hair for almost her entire life. Short hair is gorgeous and liberating! I loved it when I had it.

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