WTF Alert: Audrina Patridge Paints Herself Blue at Comic-Con

Remember Audrina Patridge? It’s totally ok if you don’t. The Hills “star,” who has been doing such mediocre things since the show’s conclusion as starring in Direct-to-DVD movies, hosting shows that air at 1AM and raking in Vegas appearance fees, tried to drum up her nerd fanbase at Comic-Con this past weekend. Instead of just showing up at a party and walking the red carpet like a normal fame-seeker, she went big. I’m sorry, I mean she went blue:


Audrina tried to pull the limelight her direction by walking the convention center floor as X-Men’s Mystique in head-to-toe body paint. At least the whole ordeal was part of filming the First Look travel show she hosts for NBC (which she recently took over from fellow ex-reality star, Ali Fedotowsky), so she sort of had a reason to be there. The whole body paint thing is just super awkward, though, and it hurts my brain to try picturing all the sweaty Comic-Con goers ogling her painted bod.

Now that she has experience as Mystique, will Audrina be taking over for Jennifer Lawrence in an upcoming X-Men movie? Not so much – she’s sadly just a fan of the character/attention. I would have loved to see Audrina face-to-blue face with JLaw, who is actually paid to play Mystique, as the two discuss the pros and cons of wearing body paint to attract fans.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Just kidding: like Jennifer Lawrence would ever hold a conversation with Audrina, or do anything other than be herself to attract fans.

Tell me, minions: are you impressed by Audrina’s dedication to the character? Or just depressed at her cries for attention?


  1. Nichola Said:

    Cosplay … Duh!! She doesn’t need to be “nerdy” to enjoy comic con or dress up in Cosplay like ( everybody at comic con ) . Geeez

  2. K Said:

    This is why I no longer go to Comic Con.. Audrina Patridge.. a U by Kotex booth.. Twilight crap.. what’s next, botox and menopause helpdesks?

    It’s clearly no longer about comics.

    It used to be about people who love the characters pulling together what they can to make costumes. Now it’s for rich snobs to buy a bunch of paint and walk around half naked because it’s ‘trendy.’

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