WTF Alert: Farrah Abraham Says She’ll Show Her Daughter Her Sex Tape When She’s 13

I know it’s hard to believe, but I still get shocked by people sometimes. As crude as “Hollywood” (and I say that with quotes because of who I’m going to talk about in this post) is, I like to have a little faith in humanity. But then someone like Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is allowed to speak, and I go right back to vowing never to have kids if they have to live in a world like this.

Too bad Farrah didn’t have that mind set too….

As you recall, the reality star starred in a porno with James Deen, and well, the vid has done better than the Kim Kardashian one. Fine. Whatever. But when asked how she would handle telling her daughter about it when she got older, Farrah revealed she is planning to have a viewing party with her:

“When she’s around 13 or 14, gets on her period, and is like, ‘Ooh, I kinda want a boyfriend,’ I think that’s the year to be like, ‘Look Soph…,” Farrah said. “I have a baby box for her, it has all the DVDs of ‘Teen Mom,’ it has my book and of course, my [porn] video.”

I. Just. Can’t…. Are you as disgusted as I am with this quote or does this not even raise an eyebrow on your end? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO



  1. Alice Said:

    What the hell? Shame on her.

  2. B.Graff Said:

    This is revolting and sad. What a disappointment to have a mother that does not respect herself.

  3. Fiamma Said:

    She is SICK! c’mon! people like her shouldn’t be allowed to speak on public!

  4. Mary C Said:

    I agree that this is the wrong tactic but just because she made a porno does not mean she doesn’t have any self respect…

  5. dan Said:

    That way her daughter can have a baby before she turns 15 and be a big star on TV.

  6. Robert Gabriellnajmalaoev Said:

    there’s something sinister about this bitch i dont like her

  7. Cam Said:

    Srly? Suddenly when I have a little faith in humanity, this kind of people get stuck in the way… Srly? SRLY? Farrah, shame on you. Right now I feel awful with her mother because in TM I used to be on Farrah’s side. Shame, shame on her srly.

  8. Amanda Said:

    She is from my hometown and completely disgusts all of us. She is a bitch to everyone she encounters and even asks for deals from local places saying “don’t you know who I am?”. She should not be allowed to raise her daughter; she mistreats and leaves her at day cares for much longer than a normal person does. She’s an embarrassment.

  9. grace Said:

    As crazy as this sounds, the worst part is probably that she’s included the sex tape (i think at least) and i hope that it actually acts as a warning for her daughter as to what she did and that its not the right way to go about sex and life. But then again how old is her daughter? In the decade or so that it takes her to get to the “maturity” age farrah talks about society will have completely changed, and farrah will have had something to do with that. Just sayin’

  10. Akhila Said:

    That’s just wrong on so many different levels

  11. Nina Said:

    This is disgusting!This baby should be taken away from this girl , she has air where her brain should be.

  12. FlamingoNut Said:

    Just when you think that she can’t be a crappier mother…

  13. J Said:

    She is a revolting human being and should not be allowed to be a mother. And honestly, I almost feel bad for the porn star she starred with. If I were him, I would have turned her down if she tried to hire me. I know these men and women get paid to have sex on camera or whatever, but even this is just low for him. Blech.

  14. Tina Said:

    She is TRASH! I watched her on teen mom and she is horrible. She has no right raising a child! And the way she treats her parents… Let’s just say she needs her but spanked and told No! Lord help her generation out… And say a prayer Sophia has a brain to get out of there ASAP!

  15. Christy Said:

    Unfortunately whether she includes that tape in her fifteen minutes of fame box, Sophie will see it probably before she even gets to look into that box…

  16. princess Said:

    not on her side but i think that aniway her daughter and teens in general someday will know aniway about sex so i guess hiding it from them is basically useless,wish just more parents were so open about sex as she is,and probably her daughter could benefit from seing the “mistakes”her mom did,not to do the same mistakes

  17. Tonya Said:

    Something is clear off with this dumb ass child. Why would you do anything like that! Her mother should just take her daughter from her before child services does! JUST CRAZY AND NASTY! Freak!

  18. David Said:

    What an absolutely delusional piece of crap. She is 21 years old aka old enough to know that you probably should not make and distribute a porno of you taking it in the butt with a 4 year old daughter, who still has her whole life ahead of her. I feel bad for the daughter, she is going to have to deal with a lot of bullies because of this. What an absolute selfish, no good, whore bag. Maybe her sex tape viewers were more than Kim, but at least Kim did it w/ her bf and didnt have a child!

  19. Jen Said:

    Then, she can whine and cry about why her 13yo is acting like a traumatized 13yo girl, why she hates her mother and is embarassed by her. 13 yo girls are bad enough. Don’t feed the fire. But then again, look who we are talking about! Oh, but we can’t forget her self proclamation “I’m a good Mom!” Yeah, ummm, ok. Someone needs to slap the stupid out of this selfish brat!

  20. Amy Said:

    @Princess – I don’t think her daughter will benefit from seeing her mom have anal sex with a stranger…
    Yes, Parents should talk openly about sex with their children when you’re old enough – but you don’t show them your porno as an educational video.

  21. Stacey Said:

    Oh so her daughter can fall in her skanky foot steps.. who the hell shows porn to thier kids???? Farrah has as many brain cells as a stick of gum!!

  22. Piper Said:

    Farrah, Use your brains. I would not say anything unless my daughter
    questioned it.

  23. Shawna Said:

    God she’s a horrible mother!!! Soph should be taken away from her!

  24. Taylor Said:

    I wish we’d quit giving her the publicity she wants. Get over yourself Farrah. You are not a role model by any means. You are a disgrace.

  25. Heather Meadors Said:

    Thats disgusting, and she might change her mind by the time her daughter reaches that age.

  26. Itzel Said:

    Bad mouther!

  27. LB Said:

    Just another reason this teen mom disgusts me! She in NO way deserves to be a mother! Her daughter is going to grow up so dysfunctional and need more therapy than money can buy!! Her mother needs to take Sophia away from her. I have never really liked her on teen mom or otherwise. She just has that everyone owes me everything self centered uncaring ungrateful attitude and people like that don’t deserve anything but an ass kicking! Just the way she treated her parents was worse than horrible!

  28. Megan Said:

    I don’t understand her parenting so its going to b okayy to show ur daughter that u got fucked n tha ass an u liked it ur going to make her want one even more cuz n tha video u was tell him how much u loved his cock an blah blah blah. Ur a dumb as parent who should b punched n tha face can I plz do it cuz I will ur a dumb ass bitch srry for all tha bad words but she really just makes me mad cuz I can’t have kids cuz I’m a lesbian but yet her dumb self can have one it don’t make no since to me

  29. Erin Said:

    OK for one this is just nasty why would u wannna show your daughter a sex tape of yourself, you just won dumb mom of the year wtf is your problem

  30. Julia Said:

    I think this is just outrageous! How could she even think to let her daughter watch that video of her having sex. SE is going to think so bad of her mother. And I don’t blame her one bit. What is she thinking?!

  31. erica Said:

    I think it’s her business if she wants to make a porno, I’m sure all u ppl talking shit have things in your closet, it’s just that yall ain’t famous enough for the world to hear about it, so fall back and give her some privacy

  32. sarah Said:

    Omg cps just needs to take her kid so she has a chance in life

  33. トリーバーチ 靴 新作 Said:


  34. Ashley Said:

    thats absolutely disgusting. she needs to have a little bit more class and realize a child, not even her own, needs to see her raunchy, yet sadly interesting video, if she comes across it on her own later down the line, thats a different story, but she doesnt need to show it to her, its pretty wrong in my opinion.

  35. Farrah Sucks Balls!! Said:

    This bitch makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Elaine Erwin Said:

    Unbelievable WRONG WRONG WRONG on everylevel imaginable this is NOT something you would want to sit down and watch with your daughter.
    Just how would Farrah have felt if her Mum had done something similar????

  37. バーバリー マフラー Said:

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  38. kim Said:

    She on couples therapy crying an all that bullshit….I knew she wasnt distraught by it bcause I also seen her on teen mom……big liar…

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