WTF Alert: Does Justin Bieber’s Dad Give Him Drugs?

Dads are embarrassing, this is simply a fact, my darlings. Sure, we adore them when they’re engineer multi-billion dollar mergers and helping you pick out your first G4, but we’d rather die than bring them along as our plus one to a party. Apparently Justin Bieber doesn’t feel this way about his father, because a former family friend is dishing even more claims that¬†Jeremy Bieber is indeed Worst Father Ever.

“When Justin was 18, I saw Jeremy give him Percocet,” says Cory Bernier. “Justin liked the feeling. He decided to go four-wheeling after taking it and ended up crashing into a pond.”¬†

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that prescription painkillers and heavy machinery do not a good combo make,so if it’s true that Daddy Biebs encouraged this kind of behavior we can take him out of Mensa contention. It doesn’t stop there, either, dolls. As I’ve mentioned, Justin pays his dad $20,000 a month and apparently also played matchmaker for his papa.

“For every girl for Justin, there was a mom for Jeremy,” says Cory in the same interview, adding a totally dreadful detail. “His father taught him: ‘Stick to blow jobs and you won’t have kids.”


Ugh, before I completely wretch all over my new designer bag, let me at least consider for a second that this could be all talk We know that Bieber has had his share of acting out, but do we believe this family friend? Cory Bernier has been spouting out rumors about his supposed “friends” the Biebers a lot lately, reporting that Daddy was the root of Justin’s recent illegal activities, leaking embarrassing photos of pops, and spreading stories of Jeremy’s rumored allowance from his son. Basically, this guy’s lips are even looser than those terrible pants Jussy was wearing during his saggy clothing period.

Le ugh, darlings. Do you Belieb this latest horror story from the Bieber family?


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    You used the wrong form of retch.

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