WTF Alert: Kylie Jenner Krashes Her Kar… Again

I honestly feel like I’m in some weird time hop thing today. First, I started my day writing about Emblem3 being naked, which also happened last year to the month. And now, I hear Kylie Jenner has crashed her brand new car. Didn’t I report that last August too?

But it’s not deja vu, darlings. Ky-Ky did in fact wreck another brand new vehicle, this time a Range Rover that she just got from Mommy and Daddy. My friends over at TMZ are saying that Kylie told her parents another driver got cut off and swerved into her lane, rear-ending her. And it resulted in thousands of dollars in damage to Kylie’s new kar.

Granted, that’s just what the lil’ demolition driver is telling Kris and Bruce. Do you believe that Kylie didn’t have any part in the crash except for innocent victim, or is it hard to imagine that she was being an oh-so-careful driver on her ride home?

Kylie Jenner




  1. eva Said:

    They all know she can’t drive, they say it on their show so much. If I were Kris, I wouldn’t keep buying her new cars!

  2. wendym Said:

    You know I love you, GG<3

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