WTF Alert: Miley Cyrus and Friend Give Each Other Tattos

Someday, perhaps Miley Cyrus will do something noteworthy that doesn’t make me react with a WTF. It will have to be a perfect storm situation where all the planets align, she has both a substitute hairdresser and wardrobe stylist, and perhaps her Instagram is also broken.

Today, minions, is not that day. Instead, today is the day that I realize that Miley has broken every health code/common sense rule imaginable to tattoo her friend Cheyne Thomas, and let her Cheyne her back.

Ewwwwww. Lovelies, you know how I feel about her excessive tattoos in general (don’t even get me started on Miley and co’s matching Floyd tattoos earlier this month), but taking a DIY approach to said tattoo artistry is just horrifying.

Miley took her lack of skills and drew a smiley face on her friend’s ankle (um…terrible), and Cheyne got her back tattooed something on the bottom of Miley’s foot that she has been too busy posting inappropriate boudoir selfies to debut. Oh, and, again: a completely unqualified individual made the tattoo, so it’s probably not Instagram-worthy, even by Miley’s lack of standards.

Miley’s antics are so train wreck that I can’t possibly turn away, but I’m at a point where I’d be more shocked if she did something utterly unshocking. “Miley stays in and watches Netflix without doing drugs or posting a selfie,” is more headline-worthy than “Miley twerks with clergy at the Vatican” at this point.

Whichever shocking route she takes, though, my spies are always watching. XOXO.


  1. AJ Said:

    Ummm why is it that you always hate on Miley every post?? Like omg she’s not a trainwreck… I love demi lovato but do people forget she did cocaine and chugged vodka while miley only does weed… Everyone loves to hate miley maybe you should just get over yourself & accept that people are themselves & she may act alittle crazy but so does every other female artist….

  2. what WHAT Said:

    ^^^ what AJ said.

  3. Tiffany Said:

    Miley is indeed a train wreck, where have you been the last two years?
    Demi DID all those things, but she doesn’t DO all those things.
    If Miley stopped doing drugs (which by the way, she does way more than just weed, have you not heard of her love for Molly?) and acting so provocative I could look past it and like her again. But her behavior and antics are just disgusting and quite irritating at this point.
    And I agree, these tattoos are 100% unsanitary.

  4. FF Said:

    I actually think its kinda funny. Why hate so much?

  5. t Said:

    I’m sure it’s not unsanitary, as people who both have gotten professional tattoos I’m sure they know about using sterilised needles and aftercare, and I’m getting sick of hearing gossip girl sook about miley doing pretty normal things for anyone else her age

  6. Kalyn Said:

    That’s not exactly normal stuff for other people her age…I’m the same age and I drink, but I don’t do drugs or dress like her and act like a lunatic. Yes she is a train wreck and I can’t take her seriously.

  7. Jewels Said:


  8. victoria Said:

    Um, Kesha has tattooed fans before. Honestly, this is nothing new.

  9. Angela Said:

    Umm wtf? Stop talking so much shit. Probably some hating loser wrote this. What have you done with your life that you are so quick to judge someone else’s?

  10. Miley Cyrus Said:


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