WTF Alert: Miley Cyrus’ Raunchy Photoshoot with Terry Richardson

It’s not common to feel queasy, disappointed and creeped out all at the same time. However, I  found myself grappling with all three emotions upon catching a glimpse of Miley Cyrus’ ultra-racy photoshoot with notorious pervert photographer, Terry Richardson.

Is it just me, dolls, or is it virtually impossible for him to do anything beyond capturing celebrities posing against a white wall? I suppose the same can be said for Miley, whose desperate displays of raunchiness have become so frequent they barely warrant an eyebrow raise. (To be fair though, on the Upper East Side, we call that ‘the regrettable effects of botox.’)

Check out the pics below and tell me if MC should just go the Farrah Abraham route and just film a dirty movie already. Oh, and I didn’t include the pic where MC bared her breast (you’re welcome) but click here if your day just won’t be complete without it, you naughty thing. XOXO, gossip girl.

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  1. Anna Said:

    What is happening with this woman!!! Ok, she wanna atention, she had it!! Now everyone, or a lot of people hate her o are disgusted!!

  2. Hannah Said:

    Miley, you’re not the “artist” you consider yourself as. You are just turning yourself in to a slut. I like the celebrities that are over twenty or under the age of twenty, because if they are over the age of twenty, it means that they passed that age without sluttin’ it up and if they are under twenty, maybe in the year they will be, it’ll be terrible to slut it up like this. I respect Miley, but to respect her, it doesn’t mean like her for this. It means want the best for her and this is not i

  3. Alice Said:

    This is absolutely disgusting! It looks like a bad porn casting… poor Liam for being dragged down the road with her unforgivable attitude… Speechless!

  4. MP Said:

    She seems like a lost little girl trying to be a grown up. She is behind her peers emotionally because she never had a childhood. I hope she gets level because I really think she has talent.

  5. KS Said:

    JB’s better compared to you Miley Cyrus!!!

  6. KAM Said:

    She just gets sluttier every time I see her!

  7. Diamond Said:

    Two words: SO SAD…

  8. Penny Said:

    It’s hard getting used to her being like this but the more people give her a hard time about how she is being the crazier she is going to be. I bet if all the attention would go away then she wouldn’t try so hard. Everyone talking crap about her are just giving her what she wants. Any publicity is good publicity. Also if everyone wants to give her a hard time for what’s she does then start getting on every singers case because she not the only one.

  9. Manu Said:

    She became so disgusting! I mean, there’s a huge line between being sexy and… this. Besides, a woman it’s always more sexy if she doesn’t share a lot of her body. So Miley… learn that!
    GG, I think you really need to give her some fashion and life-style advice. xoxo

  10. SP Said:

    actually GG you have missed a main pic !!… where she shows her raspberry type boob end!! a day cant be completed u know with telling that. can it??

  11. Rita Said:

    @SP GG linked to it in the post if you must see it. I myself will not be clicking on it. GROSS!

  12. s Said:

    So sad, she was starting to get really pretty before she started going all crazy. She doesn’t even look like a woman. I don’t care what kind of artist this guy is, the fact that she was going this in front a middle aged man is even creepier.

  13. judy Said:

    this is so sad..a beautiful girl dragging herself to this level. Miley grow up and show people what you are really about!!

  14. Rachel Said:

    GG I agree. Despite the fact that Miley is agreeing to do these things, this guy is a perv. She’s 20/21 (idk) and he’s some creepy old guy who is exploiting her current frame of mind to forward his own sick agenda

  15. Tash Said:

    She says she’s finally being herself, that’s awesome and she doesn’t need permission from anyone, shes free to live her life as she wants regardless of others opinions

  16. sam Said:

    WTF is that?? Really don,t get it as it,s not attractive what she,s doing why doesn,t she just do some normal glamour modelling if she wants to be a sex symbal she just looks ridicuous LMFAO!!!

  17. Mercedes Carter Said:

    this little girl needs a rude awakening – its pathetic that she has to resort to being trailer trash and a porn star wannabe – there is no artistic value to these photos – its disgusting and sad – she has to demean herself to make money?? what will she do next? absolutely gross!! she’s gonna regret this behavior when shes older – kids these days….smh. no real artists these days – hard to come by.

  18. audaud Said:

    See all these hundreds of hater comments, now imagine the millions who haven’t commented because they love her.

  19. Mike Said:


  20. Mignon Said:

    Try visiting 3single (dot) com. There you talk to amateur grils who look like your neighbor. Have fun :)

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